Abi Shi long hair

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Coconut Oil

One of the ways to grow and lengthen hair is to use coconut oil , as it contains a large amount of vitamin E, which works to strengthen the roots by improving blood circulation in the body, and this is by applying a little coconut oil at room temperature or by heating it slightly Then the scalp is massaged with it and left on the hair for half an hour, then washed, and the process is repeated only once a week. [1]

Organ oil

One of hair growth methods lengthened is the use Aloorgan oil which contains many nutrients that work to strengthen hair, be it through a little situation of oil Aloorgan at room temperature or through a slightly heated then massage the scalp head it and leave it on the hair for Half an hour, then wash it, and repeat the process once a week only. [1]

Apple cider vinegar

One of the ways to extend hair is the use of apple cider vinegar, which contains natural elements that contribute to strengthening the hair and making it shiny and soft, and this is by mixing two tablespoons of vinegar with a liter of water and washing the hair with this mixture after washing and cleaning it using shampoo, and one of the essential oils can also be added to Mixture to reduce the acrid smell of vinegar. [2]


One of the ways to extend the hair is the use of the watercress recipe, and it can be used by making a mixture consisting of a quarter of a bundle of fresh watercress in addition to a box of coconut oil, then the ingredients are placed in an electric mixer to be mixed well, then it is left for twenty-four hours, then it is done. Massage the hair with oil that floats on the mixture, then leave it on the hair for two hours and cover it with a shower cap, then wash the hair with shampoo. [3]


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