Benefits of eating spleen

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The spleen

Organ meat, which is sometimes called offal, is one of the meat that humans can eat, but it is worth noting that most people at the present time tend to eat the known red meat , which comes from the muscle tissue of animals, and is eaten in the form of slices Meat or ground meat, [1] The spleen is located under the left side of the rib cage, and it has many functions in the body such as: removing damaged red blood cells and promoting the manufacture of certain types of immune white blood cells. It is eaten after it has been cooked. Spleen extract is also made from the spleen of cows or other animals, and it is common for people to consume spleen extract.It may contribute to strengthening and strengthening the spleen in people who are weak in them, and therefore it is sometimes marketed for the spleen extract as being able to support the immune system. [2]

The nutritional value of the spleen

Below is a table showing the amount of nutrients in 100 grams of cooked lamb spleen, [3] and 100 grams of cooked beef spleen: [4]

Nutrients Lamb spleen Cow spleen
Water (milliliter) 66.38 69.98
Energy (kcal) 156 145
Protein (grams) 26.46 25.1
Total fat (grams) 4.77 4.2
Carbohydrates (grams) 0 0
Calcium (milligrams) 13 12
Iron (milligrams) 38.67 39.36
Magnesium (milligrams) 21 19
Phosphorous (milligrams) 341 305
Potassium (milligrams) 248 284
Sodium (milligrams) 58 57
Zinc (milligrams) 3.94 2.79
Copper (milligrams) 0.139 0.924
Manganese (milligrams) 0.062 0.075
Selenium (μg) 49.8 91.4
Vitamin C (milligrams) 26 50.3
Vitamin B1 (milligrams) 0.051 0.048
Vitamin B2 (milligrams) 0.316 0.3
Vitamin B3 (milligrams) 5.868 5.567
Vitamin B6 (milligrams) 0.08 0.876
Folate (μg) 4 4
Vitamin B12 (μg) 5.29 5.02
Vitamin A (international unit) 0 0
Saturated fatty acids (grams) 1.58 1.39
Monounsaturated fatty acids (grams) 1.27 1.12
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (grams) 0.35 0.31
Cholesterol (milligrams) 385 347

Benefits of eating spleen

Benefits There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness.

The spleen may provide some health benefits, but these benefits are uncertain and more studies are needed to prove its effectiveness, and it is worth noting that most studies on the benefits of the spleen are conducted on a compound called Tuftsin; It is a compound that is manufactured mainly in the spleen, but it is being manufactured in a laboratory at the present time and is used as a way to strengthen and support the immune system, as it helps in the formation of antibodies, and its deficiency in the body may increase the risk of infection, [5] The following are some of the benefits of spleen extract Or a compound called Tuftsin:

  • Reducing the risk of infection in macrophages: It is one of the types of immune system cells that kill foreign bodies entering the human body, and one of the studies published in the journal Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews indicated that Tuftsin may enhance the activity of macrophages and reduce the risk of infection. [6]
  • Contribute to strengthening immunity: One study published in the Journal of Hepato-Gastroenterology indicated that Tuftsin stimulates liver cells to secrete Tumor necrosis factor, which is a form of the inflammatory response in the body and reduces the risk of injury The body becomes infected and tumors. [7]
  • Other benefits There is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness: Taking spleen extract as a dietary supplement may help reduce the risk of developing the following health problems or relieve their symptoms, but there is not enough evidence to confirm the effectiveness of the spleen in masking them, and we mention of these cases the following: [8]
    • Splenectomy or splenectomy cases.
    • Wheat allergy disease (Celiac disease).
    • Rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Kidney disease.
    • Decrease in the number of platelets in the blood .
    • Inflammation of the colon colitis .
    • Vasculitis .

Spleen damage

The degree of safety of the spleen

There are no information or studies that determine the degree of safety of consuming the spleen, and it should be noted that uncooked spleen should be avoided [9], and there is insufficient information to determine the degree of safety of taking the spleen extract, and it should be noted that products that contain extract should not be consumed. The spleen is to avoid infection if the product is contaminated. Also, caution should be avoided to take spleen extract to pregnant and breastfeeding women, due to the lack of sufficient information about the safety of their ingesting it. [10]

Spleen use precautions

Organ meats such as spleen are foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fats, and although cholesterol and saturated fats may be an important part of a balanced diet, they should be kept in moderation, and organ meats also contain a purine compound . The increase in it in the body may increase the pain in patients with gout , and it is necessary to take care when eating organ meat, as some animals may have been exposed to toxins and pesticides, which may make the meat of their organs more toxic. [11]


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