Causes of leprosy

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It is caused by the mycobacteria leprae bacteria, which is a bacterium that does not contain a cell wall. These bacteria do not grow in industrial media or tissues, but they grow in laboratory animals in the extra legs of mice and gemstones, and the period of growth in animals takes 12-14 days

Disease spread

As for the spread of the disease in the world, the disease is not present in North Africa, America and Europe, and the disease affects 10 million people in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Also, immigrants from Asia and Africa who are already infected with this disease have increased the prevalence of this disease in these countries, As for the methods of transmission, they are not known precisely, but the disease is transmitted through the spread of droplets or sneezing from the mucous secretions of the nose in people who suffer from leprosy and tumor, and one of the possible methods is the entry of the cause through small wounds in the skin or through tattoos and other methods of its spread By stinging some insects

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Conclusion: So leprosy is an infectious disease caused by mycobacteria leprae, and this disease may be transmitted by nasal spray or sneezing in some cases, and in other cases directly through the skin, and the incubation period of the disease ranges between two to seven years, and the disease is divided into two parts Tuberous leprosy and leprosy and tumor, both of which are characterized by the appearance of a skin rash, but leprosy leprosy is more severe as it leads to thickening of the skin with broken bones and deformities in the face, and the disease leads to complications that affect the bone and nervous system, the eye and the testicles in particular, and the disease is diagnosed by taking a sample From the skin, treatment is based on rifampicin.


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