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Before doing any make-up, it is necessary to get acquainted with the necessary cosmetic tools that are important to you in order for your make-up to be extremely successful, and from these tools


It helps to close the pores and is used after cleaning the skin as a disinfectant and astringent, and it also helps in removing dead cells from the face and neck, and when applying it, wet a piece of cotton with a little of it and pass on the skin and after it dries, apply a moisturizing cream

Foundation cream

The foundation cream is applied to the skin before applying make-up. It is distributed on the face and neck in an equal manner and of all kinds

Foundation cream - liquid


It is a compact powder and it is a compact base with powder whose formula reduces shine, and this type is more suitable for oily or combination skin

Creamy compact foundation

They are foundations between cream and powder, and this type glides easily on the skin and gives the skin a smooth texture and covers the skin well


The powder adds beauty to the skin and is placed after the foundation cream. It makes the skin velvety and suitable for oily and similar skin 

Wide pores and helps to keep makeup for a long time, absorbs sebum, removes shine from oily skin, and hides impurities, grains and colorings, as well as proves the color of lipstick and shadows.

The free powder called almond powder

A lighting powder used to illuminate the face, under the eyes, and to brighten the area, and apply with an airbrush


One of the most important things used for the face with evening makeup to hide pimples, spots and dark circles, it is varied in colors and has a creamy texture with heavy coverage and contains five colors

The green to cover the red-brown pimples to shade the places that we do not want to highlight, such as the sides of the nose to reduce it and the bottom of the eyes to hide the circles

A dark beige slanting to an orange color is also applied as a thin layer on the halos to cover it over the first plate by using the little finger in the hand and in a light patting method, or it can be used in the form of lipstick

A light-colored concealer, light beige is applied to skin spots and as a third light layer on dark circles, the light color tends to yellow to be applied to the places that we want to highlight such as the nose and cheeks, and it is possible to use the remnants of the foundation cream on the nozzle of the base box as a concealer

eye shadow

A box containing a group of colors. You can use each color or mix between two harmonious colors depending on your dress and your skin. There are boxes available on only one color and they are compressed

Polished ones are used in the evening wedding and evening parties

Eyeshadow liquid is usually used for normal times that do not need heavy make-up and without shine

And the eyeshadow in the form of excellent pens and easy, especially in the day and light outputs and suitable for most beginners for ease of use

The best eye shadow brands are MAC, Lancome, Bourjois, and Chanel

Liquid eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is worn around the eye, not inside it. There are many types of it, either in the form of a pen or in boxes and with a fine brush. It needs practice in order to master its drawing, and it is important to avoid pulling the eyelids when applying the eyeliner because the line will be thick and sinuous when you let go of the eyelid. Its best brand is Lancome

Eye pencil


Eyebrow pencil

It is used to draw and arrange it to give it a beautiful and neat look


To lengthen and intensify eyelashes


It is blush and has forms either

A powder that is placed after the foundation and powder to add a transparent color to the face

It is placed on the face with a brush, and the excess amount stuck to it must be disposed of, and it is preferable not to over-apply it

In the form of granules that give a velvety color to the cheeks and use the same way as regular powder after mixing it with a brush

In the form of a cream that needs to be precise when applied and is intended for special occasions and is applied after the foundation cream

Makeup brushes

Foundation brush

This brush is for distributing the foundation cream on the face. Its role is unnecessary, because we can dispense with it

Powder brush

We put the powder with it in the absence of its sponge

Powder brush

And it is used to scatter powder from the face and neck and remove its residue

Concealer brush

It is used to distribute it on places of shade and lighting, and it is especially necessary in evening makeup

Shadow brushes are used to distribute the shadow accurately on the eyelid, especially for smoky shadows , of which there are two types, small and large, the large ones are used to distribute the shadow over your entire eyes and the small ones are used to distribute the shadow over the entire moving eyelid

An eyeshadow sponge is a final touch to finish our makeup

Vogue or core seating

It is considered the last touch of beauty as it is applied to the lips