Damage to pulling hair color

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Pull out hair color

Changing hair color is a matter of concern to many women, and this is to change the appearance from time to time and not to feel bored, and the woman may want to restore her hair color to its natural color, or return it to the previous color of the pigment; For all this, it resorts to pulling the hair color , and this can be done in the beauty center or at home. However, pulling hair color at home may not be successful and not give the desired result because this depends on the type of hair. [1]

Reasons for pulling out hair color

The lady resorts to her hair color for two reasons:

  • Desire to lighten the natural hair color to a color that is three shades lighter.
  • The desire to lighten dyed hair with multiple colors or one color. [1]

Damage to pulling hair color

The following are the main damages that may be caused by bleaching hair: [1]

  • Lead to white hair; This is due to the effect of this process on the melanin pigment in the hair.
  • Weakens hair and causes it to fall out.
  • Makes hair dry and rough.
  • Causes hair breakage, especially at the edges.
  • Harms the scalp.

How to pull out the hair color

Hair color pulling depends on removing hair color, whether it is the natural color or the color of the dye by the method of oxidation, and this process must be performed by a skilled beautician, and special materials are used to convert the hair color to a light color; So that the hair color becomes yellow, and if the hair is left after the oxidation process for a long time, it will gradually turn white, and to pull the hair, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are used, as they are the two materials that are used, and they may be mixed together and this in most cases, or either of them is used separately. And these substances are among the substances that destroy the hair, and the woman may find that there are those who promote products without peroxide to remove hair color and this is a fact; However, another oxidizing agent is being used that causes the same damage as hydrogen peroxide. [2]

The amount of damage caused by pulling the hair depends on the amount of materials used for that, so when the hair color is very dark and you want its owner to move to a very light color, the risk of hair damage will increase; Because the pulling of the hair will be stronger and its effect will last longer, and for this; It is necessary to use products that close the pores of the hair follicles to keep it moisturized significantly. [2]

Natural recipes for pulling hair color

Hair color pulling can be done at home, but using natural materials, and these recipes must be continued until the desired color is reached, and among the most important of these recipes:

Lemon juice

It can be used to pull out hair color; As the lemon has the ability to lighten the hair gradually, and the desired result may be obtained after the first use, and this depends on the color of the hair, and to pull the color of the hair with lemon, the following is followed: [3]

  • Squeezing two or four fruits of lemon, and then distributing lemon juice on the hair, or concentrated lemon juice is used instead.
  • Mix fresh lemon juice with half a cup or a cup of water if used fresh.
  • Add a teaspoon of conditioner to lemon juice for dry hair, or a teaspoon of honey instead.
  • Put the lemon juice in a can that contains a spray, and then shake the package well for two minutes, and then start spraying the entire hair.
  • Distribute lemon juice on hair with a comb or with fingertips; To be distributed evenly.
  • Sit in the sun for an hour when the lemon is distributed on the hair, taking into account the use of sunblock cream.
  • Wash the hair after the necessary time has passed with water and shampoo, and to get a quick result, repeat the process at least twice a week.

Chamomile tea

  • Boil a cup or two of water in the pot for preparing tea, then add a bag of chamomile tea or two, and you can add a spoonful of honey as desired; As honey maintains the moisture of the hair, and the mixture is left for an hour or two until it becomes lukewarm or cold, then the following steps are followed: [3]
  • Put the mixture in a package containing a spray (this is in case you want to pull out the color of the entire hair), but if the drawing is intended for specific parts of the hair, it can be left in the container.
  • Distribute the mixture on the hair and use a comb to distribute the mixture evenly on the hair .
  • Sit in the sun for an hour or until the mixture dries.
  • Wash the hair in the usual way, use conditioner after cleaning it, then dry the hair.
  • Repeat the method until the desired degree of hair color is obtained.


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