Damages of staying up late

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It is no secret that one of the great benefits that a person gets from proper sleep in the appropriate number of hours, as it helps to feel alert and comfortable, and also because of its importance to health, beauty and mental health . It also helps sleep to increase energy reserves in the body, and the renewal of cells and tissues of the body, as it is important for the nervous system, and helps to stimulate memory ... etc iPod Definition: iPod idiomatically is a delay time to sleep late hours of the night, and this made day living and working and spend cataclysmic events , and night to sleep and rest. But the modern way of life, globalization, and the spread of the means of development in technology on a large sector and at cheap soft prices, led to the violation of this system, so we started to stay up late at night and make up for it and sleep during the day.

What are the reasons for staying up late?

- Travel

Summer vacations

Imitate people and imitate friends

- sleep in the daytime too much

- [1]

Business goals

Watching TV

- Sit online

Family events

Health problems

- Family problems

- Leisure

Why stay up?

Sleeplessness may be a reflection of physiological reasons resulting from a disruption of the hormone melatonin, which directly affects the sleep process.

• It may also be an escape from the reality we live in, or cover specific problems: such as if there are problems at work, study , marriage ... etc. And we translate this reality and those problems by escaping from them, as if we spend long hours in front of the TV or the computer

• It may also be an expression of a psychological disorder that needs treatment and follow-up, such as anxiety , depression, or tension.

• Social upbringing plays an important and decisive role in the issue of staying up late, as the child was not brought up to feel the importance of time in his life.

• The finger of blame is directed at the media in all its forms, which have been issued to us by television channels and radio stations that work throughout the day, so do not get tired or bored!

• Some have pointed out that staying up late indicates a lack of religious conviction, as the one who watches up is deviating from the commandments of him , peace and blessings be upon him , regarding the body and the importance of sleep .

Hence, staying up late, or having a few hours of sleep , entails harm and dangers to a person, as staying up late has health, psychological and social harms:

Damage to staying up late

1- Not taking enough sleep leads to symptoms including: fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension, poor concentration, irritability, and some skin problems such as pimples ... etc.

2- Lack of sleep causes an imbalance in the immune system, as the immune system becomes confused when there is a difference in the daily cycle of waking hours and sleeping hours.

3- Staying up late leads to posture deformities as a result of sitting for long periods in front of television, for example, it afflicts the skeleton with bone deformities, and bending in the spine

4- It leads to blackening under the eyes

5- affects the heart (for men)

6- Lead to the occurrence of breast cancer (for women)

7- Staying awake leads to insomnia . If insomnia lasts for many nights, a person’s powers are degraded, the mind stops producing , and the insomnia , pessimism and the tendency to loneliness dominate .

8- A recent American study also revealed that staying up late increases the level of the hunger hormone and reduces the satiety hormone level in the body.

Some tips that may help early sleep:

Not to do excessive work, whether mental or physical, before bed

- No stimulants taken in the evening, including excessive smoking

Doing a light exercise such as walking

Create a quiet and suitable place for sleeping, preferably fixed

Avoid heavy meals before bed

Take a warm bath before bed

When sleeping, try to clear your mind of thoughts that cause anxiety, tension, negative feelings and painful memories, by reading some entertaining books.

Turn off the room light, as darkness helps sleep

Draw close to God Almighty by praying and performing obligatory duties

And from herbs and foods that help you sleep:

• Lettuce

• Honey


• meat rooster turkey


Black seed

• Alemramip



Peppermint emulsion also helps calm nerves

Celery juice

Eating almonds fights insomnia

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