Definition of language disorders

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an introduction

In our life we ​​often meet some people who suffer from a defect in the manner of speaking, and we find that their letter exits are incorrect, and this case has received the lion's share among the cases studied by speech specialists, as there are many proposals about this matter, but it has not been proven. A specific reason, and scholars and specialists have called this condition speech speech disorder, and we will talk about the definition of language disorder and forms of language disorder.

Definition of language disorder

Language disorder, or speech disorder, is the condition that refers to the impairment of a person's ability to communicate with others properly, so that he is not able to communicate his idea to others clearly, and the disorder is in the form of errors in pronouncing some of the exits from the letters, and a state of language disorder can also be described. On the other hand, it is a state or method of speech that does not correspond to the age of the person speaking, so suppose that a person who suffers from a language disorder has about 10 years of age, and you find that the way of his speech is consistent with a person who is only 5 years old or younger, i.e. That the person suffering from a language disorder is below his normal age level.

Mistakes abound in people with language disorder in compound words, more than those individual words, and the disorder is more pronounced in the case of speaking quickly and reading continuous sentences, and people who suffer from this condition, we find that they have difficulty remembering the things that happen to them, as That there is a clear difference between language disorder and other psychological problems, as there are psychological problems that affect the manner of speech.

Pathology of language

It is the science established by scholars and speech specialists in order to treat and study cases that suffer from diseases of expressive language disorder, and this science is also concerned with the methods of human communication, how to communicate between people, and the method of understanding with others, and the specialists in this field help the affected people. Also, linguistics is one of the most famous sciences now, and it is a modern science, and it has become widespread throughout the world, and this science has become a specific specialty taught in universities, and speech specialists have obtained a bachelor’s degree from the most prestigious universities in the world, and there is also Field for master's and doctoral studies in this field.

Departments of language pathology

Language diseases are divided into several sections, the most important of which are:

Language disorders

This type of language disease includes developmental disorders, acquired language disorders, which the individual acquires from the community and the environment in which he lives, and specific language disorders. Scientists have also diagnosed the condition as disorders related to some human diseases such as Down syndrome or the autistic spectrum and others. Other diseases.

Speech disorders

This type of language disorder is concerned with disorders of letter exits, and is represented by stuttering in speech, or stuttering, and this type works to distort the words spoken by the affected person, and a healthy person may misunderstand the person with the disease, as a result of a substitution of some letters, or Distortion of some words.

It can also be said about such disorders the name of physiological disturbances, since such disturbances are in the form of a defect in the verbal system of the person, as he completely flips letters, he may pronounce a letter as another letter, and it may be difficult for him to pronounce a letter, or that The letter is pronounced in the form of a voweled letter, and these cases abound among people in a great way, and they are not related to a specific age, as they accompany man from the beginning of his life to the end, and modern science has been able to address these problems today.

Communication disorders of nervous origin

The cause of speech disturbance in such a case is the occurrence of some defect, or a specific problem in the nervous system, which affects the speech centers in the brain, which is represented by the occurrence of clots, so we find that the person who had a stroke cannot speak correctly, because the speech centers In the brain, she became injured as a result of a stroke, and a person with this type of disorder is characterized by having the energy to speak, but he does not have the ability to speak clearly, and if he speaks, he says unintelligible and unclear phrases to others.

The ability to communicate varies in such a case, and it depends on the extent of the injury that the person suffered, the injury may be slight, and therefore the communication is slightly clearer than the injury is greater, and the cause of these disorders may be injury to the nervous system, which leads to muscle relaxation Mouth and tongue, and thus speech becomes blurred, and incomprehensible.

Forms of language disorders

The language defects, or speech defects of the affected person, are related to three forms. These defects may be in the form of deletion, substitution, or distortion, and we will talk about each form separately.


This form of speech defects abounds in young children, and it is represented in the fact that the method of speech is about to delete some letters from the word, and it usually begins with the young child at the beginning of his speech, as the words are not understood, and adults cannot distinguish what the child says The little one, and the child strikes the first part of the word, the middle, or the last part.


This form of speech defect is in the form that the child replaces one letter with another, such as saying the lam instead of the ra, or the shin pronouncing instead of the seine, and this type is the most common among children, and this type of disorder is able to change easily, through training The child is better able to pronounce the mother, father, or he may need a speech specialist.


It is the occurrence of a slight difference between the way the letter is pronounced in a state of disorder with its original method of pronouncing it, that is, the affected person made a slight distortion of the letter from its position, but the letter remains close to the original letter, meaning that the change is not as large as in other cases, so the language specialists They differed in the inclusion of this type under the names of language disorder, as the change in the method of pronunciation does not differ much from the original method of pronunciation.


This type of language disorder is not very common, as this type is the addition of one or more letters to the word to be pronounced, but it is considered a speech defect.

Language disorder does not require much fear, as the opportunity to change and treat this disorder has become available at the lowest cost and under all circumstances. The method of treating speech problems has become very easy, and all you need is a specialist in order to treat the way the affected person speaks, or if The cause was related to one of the organic problems, all that had to be done was to address the organic problems.