Desert recipes to whiten the body

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Desert recipes to whiten the body

The body whitening process is very important, especially for the bride on her wedding night, to get a single-colored body and not multi-colored, so it seems embarrassing to her, so we searched for the recipes used that have results from the experience to present to you and we hope that you reach the desired results. [1]

Some recipes for body whitening

There are some recipes to whiten the body, including: [2] The first recipe: Half a cup of dry henna and add to it crushed roses, ground thyme, turmeric and lavender. It is also ground with a little crushed Sidr and the proportions are equal. It is possible to add dry cloves to it. Mix the ingredients and add water to the amount used. And the body is rubbed out for half an hour, and the body is washed with soap and water.

The second recipe: the number of two cups of milk, one cup of rose water and a body soap with white lotion, and the milk is boiled and the surface of the milk is scraped after boiling and the rose water is added to it and the soap is grated. And leave it to cool after the mixing process to form in the form of a cream that is used for twenty days to show an excellent result.

The third recipe: simple and easy to use, using the powdered milk method. Two tablespoons of dry milk are mixed with water enough to moisturize them, and the body and neck area are massaged and results appear quickly.

Home recipes for whitening the body

You can use simple ingredients from home to lighten the body, such as: [3] The first recipe: Bring one egg yolk, three tablespoons of olive oil and one banana. All the ingredients are mixed homogeneously and the body is rubbed with it and left on the body for thirty minutes and washed with cold water.

The second recipe: Prepare one egg with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of olive oil, and the ingredients are quickly mixed to obtain a homogeneous texture and the body is applied with it to help moisturize and nourish the skin.

The third recipe: It is made through three peeled almonds, one egg and a lemon, and the lemon is squeezed and the almond seeds are ground after fermentation in water to make a dough from the almonds and mix them with the egg, and mixing is done to obtain a suitable texture to make a paint for the skin.


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