Factors affecting breast cancer

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Factors affecting breast cancer

One of the factors affecting the disease is the area in which a person lives , where we find that breast cancer is more prevalent in Western societies than in developing societies, as well as age, as we find that breast cancer is very rare before the age of twenty, and the percentage of disease gradually increases. With increasing age, which reaches 20% at the age of ninety, gender is also important, as it is rare in males where breast cancer constitutes only 0.5% of the total cases infected with it, and the possibility of infection in women increases if there is a history of cancer Breast cancer in its close relatives, especially first-degree relatives, and breast cancer associated with specific genetic mutations constitutes 5% of all infected cases.

Studies have also shown a relationship between food and breast cancer , as a diet rich in phytoestrogens, which are abundant in flaxseed and soybeans , protects against breast cancer , as well as alcoholic drinks that increase the incidence of breast cancer , as well as among the factors that increase the incidence of the disease. birth and the birth of the first child at a late age, and do not forget to have menstrual age early as well as menopause at a later age they are all factors that increase the incidence of the disease, and drugs that increase the risk of cancer breast contraceptives and hormones given to women after menopause Exposure to radiation is very important, especially during puberty and breast developmentAs the incidence of breast cancer increases , it is possible that the appearance of cancer may be delayed up to ten years after exposure to radiation.

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A summary of the topic

Breast cancer is one of the diseases spread in all countries of the world , and there are many factors that may lead to an increased likelihood of infection, the most important of which is family history and exposure to large quantities of estrogen, and it is divided into many types, so it is divided into permanent and invasive cancers, and in the end the operculum turns into invasive. It must be treated, and it is also divided into lobular and ductal breast cancer, and among its most important symptoms is the presence of a severe tumor in the breast with a change in the color of the skin and protrusions in the skin as well as an increase in nipple secretions, especially blood secretions, and his diagnosis is focused on symptoms with clinical examination and mammography in several ways, including mammogram And ultrasound and the CT scanning system, and the third thing adopted in its diagnosis is taking the sample for histological examination, and its treatment includes several types, which are surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.


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