9 foods that lead to choking

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Choking occurs due to many reasons, and a person may be exposed to suffocation at a certain stage of his life, and usually the period of suffocation is short and does not pose a threat to human health , but on the other hand suffocation can cause a danger as it has complications that threaten human life, and suffocation usually occurs When a piece of food or liquid is placed in the throat, and most of the time children suffocate as a result of placing foreign bodies in their mouths, or when speaking while eating, while adults may suffocate due to breathing fumes, or eating and drinking too quickly. [1]

Foods that lead to choking

There are a variety of foods that lead to choking in children, including the following: [2]

  • Peanut butter: A spoonful of peanut butter can obstruct the work of the trachea, and peanut butter can stick to the lining of the windpipe and throat, making the child unable to breathe, and to avoid this, we recommend giving the child peanut butter by spreading it on a piece Of bread.
  • Hot dogs: Hot dogs are one of the foods that cause more choking in children under the age of 3 years, as their size and consistency cause the airway to close in young children. [3]
  • Peanuts: Children under the age of four should avoid eating peanuts, as they need to be chewed by grinding between the teeth, and children at that age do not master the skill of proper chewing, so they may try to swallow these foods whole without chewing them, which causes choking. [3]
  • Grapes: Grapes can choke children , so it must be peeled and mashed before serving to children. [2]
  • Peas: even though a pea is small; However, it can cause suffocation if the child tries to take more than one pill, so the child should avoid putting more than one pill in his mouth. [2]
  • Unpeeled fruit: The peel of the fruit contributes to suffocation for children, so be careful to peel fruits such as apples and apricots before giving them to the child, and it is also preferable to cook them or crush them to facilitate eating. [1]
  • Carrots: The child may bite off a large piece of carrots, which leads to choking, so you must cook the carrots and cut them into small pieces before giving them to the child, or cut the carrots into thin slices. [2]
  • Popcorn, celery, and hard candy: These foods are among the solid foods that children should avoid, or they can be cut into small pieces before giving them to the child to avoid choking on them, and it should be noted that watermelon that contains seeds may contribute to choking children. [3]

Other foods that lead to choking

Chewing gum and cuts of meat are among the dangerous foods that should be avoided to children under the age of four years. [4]


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