Hair cutting methods

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Hair cutting methods

Hair cutting methods are different and varied, including short and long cuts, and the cut can be straight, or graduated with layers, and the choice of the haircut depends on the fashionable trend, and what suits the face shape . In order to get a beautiful story, one must deal with a reliable hairdresser, talk to him about the desired story, and show him pictures of the story from different angles, so that it does not end up with a haircut that is too short or unequal in lengths, and these are some ways to cut hair. [1]

Traditional short hair cutting method

One of the ways to cut short hair (bob hair cut) is the karate, which is a short haircut, but not very short, and it looks beautiful for those who have light or medium-density hair, and women with thick hair should stay away from this story. [2] To start with traditional short hair cutting, the following steps are applied (cutting classic bob): [3]

  • Prepare the hair for cutting by wetting it using a water-spray sprinkler, without letting the hair dripping with water.
  • Divide the hair into four parts using a comb and connect each section separately.
  • A small portion is taken from the back using a comb and the hair comb hangs over the neck.
  • Start by cutting from the middle, using a comb, where the hair is cut straight from the middle to the outside of the edge, and at the end, make sure that the cut is straight and even.
  • Take another part, combing over the previously cut part and cutting it with the same straightness and repeat that every time until the completion of the whole hair to get the traditional short hair story.

Included story method for long hair

To cut graduated layers of long hair, this method can be followed using the basic strand technique, which relies on measuring the length of the cut until the layer is even, and this method is suitable for cutting short hair as well, and the method is: [4]

  • Wet hair with a spray of water spray, then comb it with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Divide the hair into five equal parts using a comb and connect each part with hair clips, by making a part in the upper middle of the head and a part above each of the ears and two parts in the middle back of the head, or seven parts for thick hair, by making an upper part in the middle and a part above both ears , And three parts in the posterior middle region of the head, and one part below the head.
  • The lower part is separated, and a small strand of hair is held in the middle of the lower part, and this strand will be the first main strand. The main strand moves with the strand that is being cut and the strand that has been recently cut is the main one every time and is placed next to another strand of hair and used as a ruler.
  • The length of the lower layer is determined, and when determining the length of three different layers of hair, it must be remembered that the shorter the hair, the smaller the difference between the layers, as the three layers in long hair vary from 2-4 inches, while in short hair it varies between half an inch to an inch just one.
  • The tuft is inserted between the middle and index fingers of the hand that is not used normally, and if the person is right-handed, then the tuft is held in the left hand, then the fingers are moved downward by moving the tuft at a 90-degree angle until the desired length is reached, then the excess of hair is cut with sharp scissors intended for cutting Poetry.
  • The remainder of the lower part is cut, using the main strand that is newly cut to cut the next strand, insert the main strand with the desired strand between the index and middle finger and move the fingers towards the ends by pulling the hair at a 90 degree angle until reaching the end of the main strand, the new strand is cut to become the same The length of the main strand and the new strand becomes the main strand, until the completion of the entire lower part, and making sure that the length of the hair is equal, so that the hair is pulled in different directions and at different angles and any strands of varying length are cut before moving to a new strand of hair.
  • Determine the length of the second layer of hair, by unscrewing the left part and leaving it to hang over the lower layer, and the lower layer is used as a guide to determine the amount of hair to be cut, and the length of layers varies from 2-4 inches in long hair, and half to an inch in short hair.
  • The left side of the hair is cut, and it is used as a guide and the front left side is cut by pulling the hair at a 90-degree angle by moving the hair between the fingers towards the ends of the hair until the desired length is reached, and the excess hair and what remains of the part are cut with the help of the basic tuft.
  • The right side is cut, by loosening the right part, and a small amount of hair is collected from the front left side to be used as a main strand with the right front side. Right, and the remainder of the right part is cut off with the help of the main strand.
  • Determine the length of the upper part: the top layer is loosened, left to hang over the middle layer of hair, and the lower layers are used to determine the length of the upper layer. The length of the top and middle layer varies between 2-4 inches for long hair, and a half to one inch for short hair.
  • The upper layer is cut by collecting a small strand at the top of the forehead, and the strand is pulled at a 90-degree angle between the fingers towards the ends of the hair until reaching the point to be cut, then the excess hair and the remainder of the tuft are cut with the help of the previous strand as a basic strand.

How to cut a low ponytail for long hair

If the woman's budget does not allow her to go to hairdressing shops, she can cut her long hair by herself in several ways , including this method that gives a rounded shape from the back, and the method is: [5]

  • Start with clean, damp hair.
  • Divide the hair at the top of the head in the middle, and use a fine-toothed comb to do this, and comb the hair on both sides well.
  • The hair is pulled using a comb to ensure its smoothness and shape back, and it is tied with a hair tie at the neck, making sure that there is no tangle of hair using the comb, and making sure that the tie is in the middle of the head and low at the neck.
  • The hair is tied with a hair tie below the first and above the length to be cut.
  • The hair is gently lifted up, then brought forward without taking the beginning of the tail tie off the neck.
  • The hair tied under the second tie is trimmed with small cutting motions, not just one cut.
  • Loosen the ties, move the hair and comb to see any uneven length.
  • If unevenness is noticed in the haircut, the hair is not cut shorter, but the appendages are trimmed , by re-tying the hair in the shape of the ponytail again and trimming it.


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