Heat therapy

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Heat therapy

Heat therapy is defined as the use of heat in the form of hot pads or others to relieve pain associated with various medical conditions and cases of muscle pain, as the heat improves blood circulation and blood flow to the area. Heat applied to them, resulting in reduced discomfort and increased muscle flexibility. [1]

Types of heat therapy

Heat therapy aims to apply warm, not hot, heat locally to small and large areas of pain, and it can also be applied to the whole body, such as using a sauna , and among the types of heat therapy are the following: [1]

  • Dry heat: Dry heat is an easy-to-use method that can be applied using heating pads, saunas , and more. It is also called Conducted Heat Therapy.
  • Moist heat: It is also called convection heat, and this method is considered more effective than dry heat, and it takes a shorter time to give a result equivalent to dry heat, and the moist heat is performed using evaporated towels ( Steamed Towels, Moist Heating Packs, and Hot Baths.
  • Professional Heat Therapy: In professional heat therapy, various techniques are used, such as ultrasound-based heat technology to relieve pain caused by tendonitis .

Uses of heat therapy

Heat therapy in cases of arthritis

Heat therapy is described by doctors as one of the treatment methods in cases of arthritis , with the aim of relieving inflammation, pain, and reducing the stiffness of the joints that arthritis patients often suffer from, as the heat stimulates the body's natural ability to treat Himself by himself; Where blood vessels expand, blood circulation is stimulated, and muscle spasms are reduced. as a result of heat, and it is worth noting that moist heat or dry heat can be used in cases of arthritis, an example of this is applying moist heat at least fifteen minutes before exercise, and then using it directly after completing exercises In addition, it can be used at any other time to relieve arthritis pain, and it is worth noting the importance of paying attention to the temperature, so that it is not too hot in order not to cause burns to the skin, as a temperature that can be tolerated by the injured must be used. [2]

Heat therapy for lower back pain

Heat therapy can be used for low back pain . There is some evidence of the effectiveness of heat in reducing pain in these cases, and it is worth noting that moist heat works better than dry heat in relieving back pain, as heat can be applied for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes per use, and a thermal wrap can also be used. It is sold in pharmacies and it is applied and put on All-Day Heat Wrap, as well as electric heating pads can be used, taking into account not to use it during sleep, and set it on medium or low heat. [3]

Heat therapy in cases of neck pain

Heat therapy is one of the procedures that can be applied at home in cases of neck pain, although there is no strong evidence of its effectiveness in treatment, but its use is not harmful, so it is possible to try low or medium temperature compresses on the neck for a period of time. It ranges from fifteen to twenty minutes every two to three hours, and it is also possible to shower with warm water instead of a session of hot compresses. [4]

Recommendations Concerning the Use of Heat Therapy

It is worth alerting the heat therapy user to some commandments, including the following: [1]

  • Avoid using high heat, for fear of burns.
  • Avoid applying topical heat for more than twenty minutes.
  • Avoid using heat therapy in Infection. As the heat may increase the risk of spreading the infection and worsen the patient's condition.
  • Stop applying heat immediately if the person notices the area swelling during the treatment.
  • Refer to the doctor if the pain worsens after using heat, or if the patient does not improve after a week of using the treatment.

Contraindications to the use of heat therapy

Despite the benefits of heat therapy in many medical cases, it is worth not to use heat occasionally. Cases such as open wounds , bruises, bruises, and the appearance of swelling, and it should be noted that you should consult the attending physician before using heat therapy if the victim suffers from heart diseases , or high blood pressure , and also a pregnant woman should consult a doctor regarding the use of some types of heat such as the use of saunas or hot tubs , and it is worth noting that heat therapy may cause harm Significant and dangerous complications if used in people with problemsAs healthy as: [1]

  • Diabetes .
  • Dermatitis.
  • Vascular diseases.
  • Deep vein thrombosis .
  • Sclerosis .


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