Herbal hair loss treatment

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Hair loss

The frequent washing and drying of the hair and the frequent use of hard water or sterile chlorine added to it in the process of bathing the hair leads to dry hair, brittle and falling out, knowing that the reasonable rate for the average number of hair in the head is approximately 150,000 hairs, and what causes problems of dryness, falling and breakage of hair is the frequent use of hair dryer Electric hair or electric hair curlers, frequenting swimming pools, or even washing hair in the cleaner itself, as the hair is affected by surrounding weather factors such as sunlight and wind, which leads to dryness and the occurrence of some problems

Herbal hair loss treatment

If you suffer from a problem of hair loss, here are the following recipes that prevent and treat hair loss :

  • Take a cup of olive oil , then add to it the amount of a handful of garlic peel, mix it together and boil it on a low heat for five minutes, then apply this mixture to the hair of your head two to three times a day for a week.
  • Take a good amount of green shakespeare leaf, rinse it well, then extract its juice and apply it to your hair , and leave it on for two consecutive days, after which wash your hair well with lukewarm water , and repeat the process twice a week for a whole month to improve the hair and eliminate its loss.
  • Take the amount of a cup of olive oil, then add about fifty grams of cottonseed to the oil, and leave it to soak for two days, then apply this soak to your hair twice a day for a week.
  • Take a handful of green wild thyme and boil it in a liter of water, and leave this boil on the fire until half a liter of water evaporates , then put it on the fire and rub your scalp and hair [[Benefits of water

With water]] the remaining time once a day for a week.

  • Take fifty grams of very finely ground henna leaves, and add a tablespoon of tar, then add a cup of olive oil, and mix the ingredients well with each other, then put this mixture on your head in the evening and leave it until the morning, then wash your head with lukewarm water and soap and repeat these The recipe is three consecutive days.
  • To prevent your hair loss, bring the amount of a cup of water filled with olive oil, mix it with two fists of finely ground fig leaves, and put it on a quiet fire for three minutes, after which rub your hair and scalp with it well in the evening, and use this mixture for three days and then work on washing Use your hair only twice a week with wild hibiscus leaf water, and make sure that the soap used to wash your hair is potash-free.

Natural recipes for treating hair loss

There are many methods that we can follow in the treatment of hair loss with herbs, and we list them as follows:

  • Onion juice: We squeeze onion granules and use this juice to massage the scalp before bathing, as it has a strong effect on hair growth again and protecting it from falling out.
  • Castor oil: We mix castor oil with half a bottle of vinegar, and we apply this mixture to the scalp daily before showering, as it protects the hair from falling out.
  • Vinegar: Before using the comb for combing hair, we dip it in a mixture of vinegar and water, then we comb the hair, this method works to strengthen the hair roots and treat it from falling out.
  • Olive oil: We massage the scalp with an appropriate amount of olive oil before bed and cover it until the morning and then wash it, this helps to strengthen hair germination and protect it from falling.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber contains sulfur, which is needed to increase the beauty of hair and prevent it from falling out.
  • Milk: When consuming a mixture of curd and yeast on a daily basis, this increases hair growth and prevents it from falling out.
  • Lemon: We squeeze lemon granules and put this juice on the hair, as it stops hair loss strongly.
  • Salt water: When massaging the scalp with it, salt water protects the hair from falling out and speeds up its growth process.
  • Garlic juice: We squeeze garlic granules and use the resulting juice to massage the scalp on a daily evening, as it forms a strong bulwark for hair roots from falling out.

Many people rely on the use of different types of herbs to treat hair loss, but there is no sufficient study that has proven the effectiveness of these herbs in treating hair loss.

Note: The topic of herbal hair loss treatment is not a health reference, please see your doctor.

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