How breast cancer spreads to the rest of the body

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How breast cancer spreads

There are several ways for breast cancer to spread , and let's start with the local spread method , where the tumor gradually increases in size and then attacks the surrounding areas, and from these areas that breast cancer attacks the rest of the tissues in the breast , skin, chest muscles, as well as the chest wall

Another way that spreads the disease through the liquid Allimvi where spreads to the lymph glands axillary glands and lymph internal mammary, Valouram found in the back of a third breast characterized by attacking glands lymphatic internal mammary, and thyroid lymphocytes , which is being invaded by cancer have biological and ordinal importance as tells us that In knowing the severity of the cancer and the extent of its malignancy, when the lymph gland located above the collarbone or the lymph gland on the opposite side is attacked, this indicates that the disease is advanced.

Another way to spread the disease in the body and is the least of all through the blood . Through the blood of breast cancer spreads to the special skeleton paragraphs in the back and thigh bone and the rib cage and skull and is often spread in the form of decomposition of bone, and other areas that spread to cancer breast Through the blood, the liver, lung, brain, and sometimes the adrenal glands, ovaries, and to most areas of the body.

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A summary of the topic

Breast cancer is one of the diseases spread in all countries of the world, and there are many factors that may lead to an increased likelihood of infection, the most important of which is family history and exposure to large amounts of estrogen, and it is divided into many types. It must be treated, and it is also divided into lobular and ductal breast cancer, and among its most important symptoms is the presence of a severe tumor in the breast with a change in the color of the skin and protrusions in the skin as well as an increase in nipple secretions, especially blood secretions, and its diagnosis is focused on symptoms with clinical examination and mammography in several ways, including mammogram And ultrasound and the CT system, and the third thing adopted in its diagnosis is taking the sample for histological examination, and its treatment includes several types, which are surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.


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