How do I arrange the wardrobe

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Friday, December 25, 2020 11:35 PM

General advice before starting the arrangement

Before starting to arrange clothes in the closet, you should pay attention to the following: [1]

  • Use all available closet space neatly and organized.
  • Put aside non-seasonal (winter or summer) clothing.
  • Arrange the clothes in a way that they can all be seen.
  • Leave a space of 2-3 cm space to clean the dirt in the cabinet.

Find more closet space

You can leave a good space in the wardrobe by arranging clothes in a specific format, and there are tools in the markets that are sold to help save good space in the wardrobe, including: [2]

  • Double relationship system: where clothes can be hung horizontally twice instead of once, as there will be a stick to hang clothes from the top and a stick to hang clothes in the middle of the closet, thus using more space.
  • Hanging Cabinet Door Shelves: They can be used to either store shoes or accessories.
  • Short staircase: It makes it easier to reach the upper shelves of the cabinet and make use of its space.

How to place clothes

Attention should be paid at the time of folding clothes to the importance of placing heavy and large-sized clothes at the bottom and lighter clothes up, and if some clothes do not fit the arrangement row, they can be hung instead of folding, and attention must also be paid to classifying clothes according to their use, for example: work clothes are placed on one side and clothes The house is on the other side and so on, and it is okay to put other boxes in the closet and classify items such as accessories, socks and belts in it. [3]

It is worth noting that when folding and arranging clothes, you must look at all the pieces and get rid of worn out ones and donate clothes that have not been worn for more than a year or clothes that are no longer suitable for the body and size, and the clothes must be hung in order according to their classification, for example: T-shirts with Long sleeves on the same side and clothes of the same length on the same side, and so on, to facilitate the process of choosing clothes that will be worn later. [3]


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