How do I choose my clothes

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Choose the right colors for the skin

Warm skin tone

People who have warm skin tones should choose clothes with warm colors, such as: red, orange, gold, yellow, purple, olive, and the color of orchids, and neutral colors can also be worn , such as: gray, brown, and beige, and it is necessary to avoid cold colors. Such as: ice blue, or sapphire; Because these colors make the skin color gray. [1]

Cold skin tone

People with cold skin should wear clothes with colors inspired by the spectrum, or from the depths of the seas and oceans, and from the winter season, where bright colors, such as: emerald, pink, and purple will look great on owners of this skin, in addition to ice blue and pink Some colors should be avoided, such as: orange, red, and yellow. [1]

Neutral skin tone

Owners of neutral skin can wear all colors, but it is better to wear calm colors and stay away from bright colors, and they can wear cold green, pink, or blue, and it is okay to wear white, black, and gray, and the bright red color looks beautiful People with this skin should avoid wearing electric blue, which is a very bright color. [1]

The appropriate clothes according to the woman's body shape

Choosing clothes is easier when the girl knows what suits her body shape, and women's body shapes are categorized into several shapes, and each of them fits with specific clothes: [2]

Pear shape

One of the forms of women's bodies is the pear, and fat in this form is concentrated in the areas of the thighs, legs and hips, and the upper half of the body is thin, and those who have a pear-shaped body must wear clothes that show a balance between the lower and upper halves of their body, and this balance is done through Wearing clothes that make others pay attention to the upper part of the body, such as wearing bright colors, and one of the best options for them is to wear jeans as it shows a balance in the body, and there is nothing wrong with doing exercises to make the body more consistent and smooth. [2]

Apple shape

A woman who has a circular body shape has a lot of fat around the waist, so she should focus on reducing attention to the waist area and highlighting other parts of her body to appear more consistent, such as: clothes that focus on the upper part of the body and wear shirts or dresses that contain collar V-shaped; To give an impression of the length of the upper part, and jackets are also a good choice for the shape of an apple, and it is okay to wear a special corset for the waist area to show the body in a beautiful way. [2]

The conical shape is V

Fat women who have a conical body are concentrated in the upper part of the body, and the legs and hips are slimmer, in addition to the fact that they have broad shoulders, and those who have this body shape must strive to show their body in a streamlined manner, and to do this, they must choose clothes with Simple and unremarkable designs for the upper body, in addition to focusing on highlighting the thighs and hip area by wearing pants and skirts with pleats and large pockets, and wearing attractive shoes would be a good thing. [2]

sand clock

This type of body is considered the most symmetrical, as the body contains curves in ideal places of the body in addition to a somewhat thin waist, and those who possess this type of body must wear clothes that show the curves in their body, taking care to stay away from the clothes that They make the body look chubby, and it's okay to wear skirts and clothes that accentuate the waistline. [2]

The mathematical form is the letter H

This shape is characterized by wide shoulders and a pelvis, and whoever has this shape of her body should choose clothes that draw attention to her waist, and avoid clothes that highlight the shoulder area or the lower part of the body, and be careful to wear clothes that create an illusion to others that all areas of the body are consistent and the waist is thin. Choose V-neck collars to focus on the neck and keep the eyes off the shoulders. [2]


The shape of the body in this type is closer to the shape of a rectangle, as there is no significant difference between the waist, shoulders and hips, and the way in which this shape appears is easier than others, but the clothes must be carefully chosen so that the shape of the body does not look boyish, and the shapes can be chosen. And soft and feminine colors that draw attention to thin hips, and it is okay to wear jeans that look good on this type of body, in addition to the need to avoid low collars that make the chest area appear smaller. [2]

The appropriate clothes according to the shape of the man's body

Men's bodies are classified in terms of shape into three basic shapes: the inverted triangle, the oval, and the rectangle, and it is possible for a man to have the three shapes during the different stages of his life and the change in his body with the advancement of his age. [3]

Inverted triangle

A man has broad shoulders more than the hips in this type of body, and this type usually possesses sports people, and it is considered the ideal shape of a man's body, and choosing clothes for him is easy, as clothes must be worn that show the general shape of the body in an appropriate way, and this does not mean wearing tight clothes To accentuate the body; Because that is exaggerated, and it is possible to wear suits that do not contain patterns with appropriate shirts, straight-shaped trousers should be worn, and narrow pants that show the upper part of the body bulky and inconsistent with the rest of the body should be worn, in addition to the necessity to avoid wearing shirts with drawings and engravings; Because it draws attention to the top and makes it appear larger. [3]


Men with tall stature have this shape of the body, and the shoulders and hips area are almost the same, and clothes that contain several layers can be worn, in addition to choosing bulky clothes in the area near the neck and narrow at the waist, and you should avoid wearing accessories , such as pins, scarves, etc. Even the man does not appear taller when shining a spotlight on the upper part of his clothes. [3]


The oval body of a man has a wider waist than the shoulders, and with the age of the man, his body often becomes this way, and clothes that keep attention away from the waist area so that it does not appear larger must be chosen, and attention is drawn to other body areas such as the shoulders, and choosing jackets is the best solution. They suggest a more symmetrical body shape and show the shoulders more prominently, narrow jackets should be avoided, and it is good to wear dark colors for this type of body. [3]


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