How do I choose my clothes

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

How men choose their clothes

Some men struggle when choosing the right clothes for them, and they can overcome this problem by following the following tips: [1]

  • Identify the special taste: Every man has a special taste in the shape and nature of the clothes that he loves to wear, so it is advised to take the time to think about the appropriate ones so that he looks the best appearance, regardless of its price.
  • Appropriate choice of colors: The colors of the clothes play an important role in determining the personality, its nature, and its level of maturity, and it is taken into account when choosing clothes that they are in appropriate colors and shades for each other, and it is advised to choose dark shades for the lower half of the body and light for the upper half of it so that the body appears thinner and longer.
  • Choosing the appropriate size: That is, the size of the clothes should be appropriate to the size of the body, so that they do not appear too narrow or too large, and choose the appropriate clothing accessories such as buttons, tie, and others.

How old women choose their clothes

As women age, they may face some difficulties in choosing appropriate clothes for their age group, and here are some tips that help them in that: [2]

  • Wear sober colors: adopt clothing colors sober, that these are simple and consistent clothes with each other, and can light skinned women choose colors that stand out the color of their eyes, while dark - skinned women Vimknhen choose any of the bright colors.
  • Wearing jeans: Older women can wear jeans with a minimum of 2% lycra in order to suit the shape of their bodies, and for belly fat people, it is recommended to wear jeans with a high waist, while chubby women from the thigh region are advised to wear jeans with wide or straight legs.
  • Taking into account the age stage: It is imperative to choose clothes that suit the age stage that a woman is going through, and to refrain from wearing clothes designed for younger women.

How to choose clothes in proportion to the size of the body

Correct choice of clothes helps to show the body in a more beautiful way, regardless of its shape or size. To achieve this, the following is taken into account: [3]

  • Accuracy when choosing clothes: Work to choose clothes that fit the size and shape of the body, and that help hide areas that the person does not want to show, and avoid choosing inappropriate clothes in the hope of wearing them in the future.
  • Suitability of clothes for the largest area of ​​the body: It is recommended when choosing clothes that they be suitable and suitable for the largest or fattest area of ​​the body, in order to achieve a feeling of comfort and safety when wearing them.
  • Trying something new: You have to take risks in order to try on a new style of clothing, and avoid appearing the same every time.


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