How do I get rid of frankincense in clothes

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Ice is used to remove gum from clothes in several ways, as follows: [1]

  • Using ice directly: This method is used to remove gum from heavy or thick clothes by placing some ice cubes in the freezing bag, then placing the bag on the stain and leaving it until the gum freezes completely, then scraping it using a sharp knife.
  • Freezing clothes: The method is used to remove the frankincense from sensitive clothes, by placing the piece of clothing in the freezing bag until it freezes, then scraping the remaining frankincense using a toothbrush, or by rubbing with an ice cube.
  • Using ice with laundry detergent: put an ice cube under the piece of clothes and directly under the chewing gum, put another piece directly over the chewing gum, leave the ice for about half an hour until it freezes, then remove it and put the piece of clothing on a flat surface, scrape it using the edge of the knife, then wash the place Using laundry detergent.


Heating means the use of a heat source indirectly, and among the most prominent methods of heating is the use of: [2]

  • Hair dryer: apply a hair dryer to the frankincense to dissolve it, then remove it from the piece by hand.
  • Iron: placing a piece of cardboard on the ironing board or on a flat surface, placing the piece of clothing from the direction of the frankincense onto the cardboard, then ironing the piece of clothing from the other direction for several minutes, provided that the heat is high and sufficient to melt the gum so that it adheres to the cardboard, then it is done Remove it from the piece of clothing.

Other ways to remove frankincense

There are multiple ways to remove frankincense, including: [3]

  • Lemon juice: Soak the piece of clothing in lemon juice, then scrape the frankincense using a sharp edge, and then wash the piece in a washing machine.
  • Hair spray : spray hairspray directly on the chewing gum, leave it until it hardens, then scrape off the gum.
  • Vinegar: Soak the piece of clothing in hot water, then gently scrape the frankincense with a sharp tool. To avoid damage to the part.


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