How do I know the degree of my skin color

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The importance of knowing skin tone

Knowing the degree of skin color is important for anyone, as many things are easy for him, such as determining the colors of clothes suitable for the skin, and determining the color of the appropriate hair dye, as well as cosmetics suitable for each skin, and all of these matters are important for women more than men, and to determine the degree Skin tone There are several methods that we will talk about. [1]

The reason for our different skin colors

It is normal for the color of the skin to differ from one person to another, and what determines this is the percentage of melanin concentration, the higher the concentration of melanin, the darker the color of the skin, and the opposite happens, the less the concentration of this substance, and melanin is a protein that is synthesized within special cells in the epidermal layer that is one of The main layers of the skin. [2]

Skin colors

There are six skin tones, and they are classified as follows: [3]

  • Very light-colored skin, which is one of the most sensitive types of skin towards the sun, and often freckles appear on this skin, and the hair color of its owners is blond or red, and despite the sensitivity of this skin to the sun and its ease of exposure to burns, it is very difficult to transform To brown.
  • Light skin, but to a lesser degree than the previous skin, and it is similar to that skin and appears on it mostly freckles, and is exposed to sunburn easily, and may turn to brown, but with great difficulty.
  • Light skin, but with a medium degree, and this skin is affected by the sun's rays as it burns easily from the sun's rays, and it may gradually brown.
  • Medium "corny" skin , and the owners' hair tends to be brown. This type of skin is somewhat sensitive to the direction of sunlight, but it does not get brown easily as its color rarely changes due to sunlight.
  • The olive skin tends to be dark brown, and its sensitivity to the sun is very little, as it rarely burns by the sun's rays, but it turns brown easily.
  • Skin with a very dark color, and it is the least sensitive type of skin to the sun, as it does not burn and does not change color when exposed to the sun.

How do I know the color of my skin tone

There is more than one way to know the degree of skin color, and knowing this is important to maintain a beautiful and elegant appearance, especially when choosing the colors of clothes, makeup, etc., as not knowing the degree of skin color may lead to it appearing dull or pale when falling into the mistake of choosing clothes, makeup and jewelry We have talked about skin tones, some of which are light, some are medium, and there is also a dark complexion, and these degrees determine the color of the skin from the outside, i.e. the color of the skin and are known as "tone", but there is a color for the inner layer of the skin and is known as "undertone", In this respect, skin is divided into two main parts, which are warm and cold, and it is easy for warm skin to acquire a bronze color, and its color tends to be yellow or orange, and this type of skin is distinguished by brown-skinned people, while cold skin tends to be blue or pink.[4] To facilitate the determination of skin colorThe real can be used in the following ways: [1]

  • Looking at the wrist: by looking at the wrist, the "veins of the hand" can see the blood vessels under the sun's rays. If they are blue or purple in color, the skin is cold, but if the color of the blood vessels is green, this means that the skin is warm. [1]
  • Observing the sensitivity of the skin to the sun: When the skin is exposed to the sun, it must be noted how sensitive it is to the sun, if it is sensitive and burns easily, then the skin is of the cold type, but if it is difficult to be affected by the sun, then the skin is warm. [1]
  • Using white paper: It is also possible to use a white paper and place it next to the face in front of the mirror, and compare the color of the face with the paper, and if the face appears yellow or appears slightly dark compared to the white paper, it is classified as warm skin, and the skin color is of a cold degree if the face appears It is pink, blue, or even red next to the white paper. [1]
  • The use of gold and silver: In this method, a gold foil sheet is used and another silver foil sheet, then the gold foil sheet is placed in front of the face, and if the face appears bright, this means that the skin is warm, then the silver foil sheet is placed in front of the face. The complexion is cold, but if there is no difference in the brightness of the face when looking at the two papers, then this means that the skin is neutral, and in the absence of foil papers, it can be replaced with gold or silver jewelry and try it on the wrist and note which one makes the skin brighter. [1]
  • Eye and hair color: The color of the eyes and hair play a role in determining the skin tone, and people with cold skin often have blue, gray or green eyes, and the hair is blonde, brown or blackish-blue, while those with warm skin often have brown eyes. Or hazel with black, brown, or red hair. [5]
  • Knowing the appropriate color of clothes and the best for the skin: By wearing certain colors of clothing, the skin color can be determined, as the colors of fiery clothes such as red, yellow and green are suitable for those with warm skin, while colors such as green, blue and pink are suitable for those with cold skin. [5]

Tips to lighten skin color

The skin is affected by many factors that lead to its paleness and fatigue, but some natural tips can preserve the skin and make it fresh, light and natural color, and these tips: [6]

  • Eat more foods that contain vitamin "C", which is abundant in citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and strawberries.
  • Eat foods that contain vitamin "A", for example eggs, milk and their derivatives.
  • Avoid exposure to the hot sun and stay in polluted atmospheres for a long time and repeatedly, and use special sun protection products.
  • Drink enough water every day, so that the amount is not less than six or eight cups per day.
  • Exercising daily.


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