How do I make manicures?

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Thursday, January 21, 2021 1:00 PM

Put Vaseline

It is recommended to apply Vaseline around the nails before coating them with nail polish, for easy cleaning, and use a cotton swab to apply Vaseline on the skin around the nails; In order to facilitate the process of cleaning the nail polish from the skin, a special nail glue can be applied, left to dry, then nail polish, and remove it when the manicure dries. [1]

Putting manicures

Start by applying the manicure with a thin layer first and applying the nail polish with it, this method helps not to stain the nails and hands, put the manicures in an orderly manner, and wait until the first layer has dried well, then put the second layer. [2]

Lighten the color of the nail polish

You can start by applying a layer of white or transparent nail polish before applying the base color, as it helps to increase the thickness of the nail polish and make the color bright. [3]

Putting manicures in two colors

Nail polish can be applied in two different colors, by applying a thin layer on the nails, leaving them to dry completely, then placing an adhesive tape on the tips of the nails from the top, and coating the nails with the other color completely on top of the adhesive tape, leaving them to dry for a minute, then removing the adhesive tape Thus, the nail polish appears in consistent and tidy colors. [1]

Dry the nail polish quickly

The drying time of the manicure can be accelerated by placing the hand under cold water after nail polish, or by dipping the nails in a little icy water. This helps the manicure dry faster. [3] A hair spray can be used on the nails to strengthen the top layer of the manicure and preserve it. From staining. [4]

Correct mistakes

The manicure stains around the nails can be removed, using a brush and a little nail polish remover, and passing the brush around the nails, and this makes the nails look beautiful and attractive. [4]

Tips for making manicures tidy

There are some important things that must be taken into account to get a beautiful and tidy manicure, including: [4]

  • Use a nail file; So as to avoid breaking nails, keep nail polish .
  • Avoid shaking the nail polish tray, so that no bubbles will form in the nail polish, as this creates bubbles during painting as well, and instead the box can be rotated between the hands.


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