How do we treat lice in children

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Treatment with medicinal products

Medical products abound that treat lice and kill them, and it is preferable not to use shampoo and conditioner as a mixture together before taking the first step, which is treating lice, and it is better to wash the hair only after a day or two after removing the lice from the child's hair, with commitment By applying the therapeutic product to the hair and scalp only, and adhering to the instructions on the product used. The Sanofi Pasteur study conducted in 2014 indicates that mothers who underwent prescription treatment had a positive result of 91%, while women who applied the treatment Without a prescription the result of treatment was 79%, with some side effects that may appear during the treatment, such as burning where the drug is applied, dandruff, redness in the eyes, and irritation of the skin and scalp, and the following over-the-counter treatments can be used: (1) ]

  • OTC treatment product: It is a type of treatment extracted from the natural chrysanthemum flower, and is safe to use for children from the age of two years and over, and this product works to kill only live lice, and it requires re-treatment by using it again after nine or ten days, and it is preferable not to use For people who are allergic to chrysanthemums or ragweed.
  • Pyrethrins lotion: It is a treatment similar to the natural daisy flower product, except that it kills live lice and new lice eggs by leaving some traces on the hair targeting the eggs, and if it is not killed from the first use, an additional shampoo and conditioner can be used, and it can be used again after seven or ten days If live lice remain in the child's hair, and the product is considered safe on the hair of newborns from the age of two months and over, and after the end of the treatment period and the lice have not completely disappeared, a specialist doctor can be consulted to prescribe a stronger treatment.

Note : It is preferable not to use (OTC) products for children younger than two years, and it is preferable to use a special metal comb for toothed lice and damp hair, which is more efficient than plastic, and it can be used for two weeks, provided that the combing is repeated every three or four days, and you can consult a doctor to use Comb nits with other medicinal applications used to remove lice.

The correct way to use lice medication and alternative methods

Many parents resort to using a remedy for lice that they buy from pharmacies, and apply it to the child's hair using a metal comb designed for lice, and it can be applied in the following steps: [2]

  • Use the drug to kill lice in pharmacies according to the information and directions written on it, with the need to apply the product again after nine days to eliminate any eggsFor lice, as explained in the report published by the "American Academy of Pediatrics in 2010", and it exists in several forms, including: shampoo, cream, mousse, or gel, and the report shows that lice combs cannot eliminate lice on their own, while they help To get rid of dead lice and eggs at the same time, as the report shows that it is possible to use the lice comb alone and be satisfied with it without resorting to the use of Pediculosis to warn them that they are products that may be harmful to children. It is mentioned on their website from the opinions of the vast majority of the general public. There are also alternative ways to treat lice, such as olive oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, and mayonnaise, but there is no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness.

Expert advice for treating hair lice

Some mothers may be unhappy to hear a message from the school health official that lice are present in the head of their young child, although lice do not carry any diseases and do not cause any harm, except itching , and others may feel fear and horror about the presence or vision of lice. Some tips to get rid of lice, namely: [3]

  • Lice resemble sesame seeds; It is a type of parasite that lives on the human head, and it is difficult to see, it has six legs, while the eggs are close to the scalp and they are classified as females and their presence is more difficult than the lice themselves.
  • Lice cannot live far from a warm environment that contains food and warmth, and they cannot be killed by bathing alone or swimming, and lice do not jump, do not fly, and move by contact with the head, according to "Harvard entomologist Richard Pollack, Ph.D." If lice are not present on the head; He is dehydrated and dies quickly after spending a day without food.
  • Experts recommend treating lice without a prescription using a medicated shampoo extracted from the natural chrysanthemum herb flower, and apply it to dry hair, leave it for ten minutes, then rinse, and the specialists indicate that it is a safe product if used according to the instructions written.


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