How fattest in a week for girls

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Weight gain in a week

Studies of fattening methods conducted by the University of Illinois indicate that adding 250 to 500 calories per day by eating healthy foods, and avoiding unregulated food intake contributes to weight gain of 0.23 to 0.45 kg within a week. [1]

Increase in calories

The methods of gaining weight mainly depend on consuming quantities of calories at a rate that exceeds what is burned from them, as the surplus is stored in the form of body fat, and the rate of calories burned on a daily basis is calculated in the form of energy, after which it is estimated what must be obtained from them daily To gain weight . [2]

Multiple meals

Eating meals frequently helps a lot with fattening , and it is recommended that the meal contains high amounts of nutrients such as carbohydrates in both bread and pasta, and fats that can be obtained from dairy products, in addition to protein available in meat and eggs, taking care to eat the largest amount of food It can be tolerated by the body at every meal. [3]


Sleep increases weight and obesity directly by slowing down the work of the body's systems, which helps to keep food in the digestive system for the longest possible period of time, and this in turn leads to the absorption of the largest possible amount of calories, fats and nutrients, and for the best result it is recommended to go to sleep After eating a meal for four hours. [3]

Lifting heavy weights

Resorting to the experience of joining a sports club, and starting to practice lifting heavy weights while trying to gain weight quickly helps direct the excess calories to the muscles instead of fat cells, and before doing this it is necessary to consult each of the personal trainer; To get the right advice to start, as well as a medical opinion; To avoid the damage resulting from these exercises in the case of special health conditions such as injuries to the skeleton, for example, and when there are appropriate conditions for practicing these exercises, it is possible to apply them two to four times a week to obtain the desired result. [4]


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