How many bones are in the human body

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The number of bones in the human body

The skeleton of babies' bodies consists of 300 bones, but most of them fuse together upon growth, [1] so the number becomes two hundred and six, more than half of which are in the extremities, and the following are their distribution in the body: [2]

The bones in the head

There are the following bones in the head: [2]

  • The skull bones, numbering eight.
  • The facial bones, numbering fourteen.
  • Ear bones, numbering six.
  • One bone in the throat, [2] and it is the only bone not connected to any other bones. [3]

The bones under the head

The bones under the head are: [2]

  • The shoulder blades, which number four.
  • The breast bones, numbering twenty-five.
  • The bones of the spine are twenty-four.

The bones in the arms

The bones in the arms area are: [2]

  • Two bones in the upper arm.
  • Four bones in the forearm area.
  • The bones of the hand, numbering fifty-four.

Other bones

  • The pelvic bones, numbering four. [2]
  • Leg bones, numbering six. [2]
  • The bones of the foot, numbering fifty-two. [2]

Types of bones

There are four main types of bone : [1]

  • Long bones: These are strong, scaly, and slightly curved bones.
  • The short bones: they are spongy bones.
  • Flat bones : Bones containing layers of compact and spongy bones.
  • Irregular bones: They are the bones that contain different proportions of spongy and cortical bones.

Note: The main types of bones are connected by joints, and together they form the skeleton.

Facts about the bones of the human body

Bones are hard tissues, consisting mainly of collagen and calcium phosphate, and they have many functions, including; Providing structural support for soft tissues such as muscles, protecting soft organs and tissues such as skull function, and providing protection for specialized tissues such as bone marrow function. [4] It is worth noting that the smallest bones in the human body are located in the inner ear, and the largest, strongest and longest are the thigh bones, and more than half of the bones are located in the hands and feet, where the number of bones in them is about 106. [3]


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