How to arrange clothes in the closet

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Locker arrangement

One of the most difficult things that a housewife or any other person who owns his own closet may face is arranging it. The closet is a small room that contains many pieces and things that need to be arranged and organized from time to time, the messy closet works to collect microbes and germs that cause disease to the person who wears his clothes from them, so care must be taken to arrange and clean them periodically to avoid the person gathering these germs And to have a tidy closet where he can easily access his clothes. [1]

Some people may consider arranging clothes as boring and needing a long time, but you can make this process fun and easy by adding some small details and following some methods that make the person anxious to do the arrangement every time. [1]

How to arrange clothes in the closet

Clean up the locker

The cabinet should be cleaned before working on arranging the clothes, as cleaning it helps to create a clean space to use to reorganize the clothes and arrange them, and it is possible to clean the cabinet by following the following steps: [1]

  • Dust off shelves and rods.
  • Clean the floor of the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner, to get to the places where dust collects, which are difficult to reach.
  • Wipe the shelves, rails, and interior walls with a good cleaner, taking care to clean where dust and dirt collect.

Arrange clothes according to usage

Lockers are one of the places with limited capacity, so you must think wisely when occupying this space. You must preserve only the clothes that will be worn, and get rid of the clothes that will not be used, by following the following tips: [1]

  • Preserve the clothes that are often worn.
  • Donate clothes that are still in good condition and not used.
  • Disposal of worn , old , and no longer suitable clothes, such as torn or invalid clothes.

Sort clothes by category

The arrangement of clothes according to their categories is a good thing, as it facilitates access to them later. Regular clothes can be allocated in one drawer, and underwear in another drawer, or arranged according to color , such as putting all black socks together and white socks together, and if it is difficult to separate clothes Depending on the color, it is possible to use plastic boxes or shoe boxes to organize clothes inside. [2]

The clothes should also be folded in an organized manner, as they are placed on the shelves, by placing heavy clothes at the bottom, and light clothes at the top, and it is preferable to arrange them according to the nature of their wear, so work clothes are put together, and workout clothes together, and clothes that do not need To fold. [3]

Locker arrangement

After sorting and organizing the clothes, we start arranging the closet as in the following steps: [4]

  • We classify the parts of the closet to make use of them as much as possible, for example: we can arrange folded clothes in closet drawers, long coats, and sets on hangers, as for small boxes we put random pieces and accessories, this makes accessing them easier.
  • We put unused shoes on the back shelves of cupboard, instead of on the front shelves.
  • We use vertical space under the hangers to store more clothes, or small boxes.
  • We put colored labels to make it easy to refer to each type of clothing, and not to search for it too long later.
  • We add new shelves or extra metal hangers to hold more clothes and accessories.
  • We put accessories and ornaments on metal hangers installed on the inner cupboard door in an orderly and elegant way.
  • We arrange clothes according to their type, and our need to use them, so the clothes that we need daily have priority in arranging in the front rows, as for the clothes that we only wear on occasions or celebrations, we can put them on the inner shelves until they are used.
  • We use wooden or carton boxes divided into small squares to arrange socks, underwear, or accessories in them, as this is easy to access.
  • Attach small metal bras to metal or plastic clothes bras to hang underwear, or light items.

Keep your belongings clearly visible

Keeping shoes and other small personal belongings in transparent boxes for storage is one of the things that help to easily locate them in the closet , and in the absence of transparent boxes, a picture expressing the belongings in the box can be attached to the outside of it to be able to easily distinguish its contents. [5]

Arrange folded clothes

All clothes that do not need to be hung on a hanger must be folded, take into account when arranging them on the shelves, placing heavy pieces of them at the bottom and lighter pieces at the top, and arranging pieces of clothes according to the use of each of them, i.e. putting exercise clothes together, work clothes together, and so on. The closet does not have enough shelves, so a part of the clothes rack can be devoted to hanging these pieces. [3]

Organize small pieces

Small pieces of clothing, such as socks, underwear, and others can be placed in the drawers, and they can be organized appropriately by following the following points: [6]

  • Define a special drawer for organizing socks and other drawers to organize the rest of things, and you can bring four large boxes to classify the pieces as needed.
  • Mark each box in order (abandon), (throw), (repair) and finally (keep).
  • Return the socks to be kept in a coordinated manner so that they are visible to the person when they need to be removed.
  • Get rid of any socks that have holes or stains.
  • Apply all points with the underwear, taking into account the disposal of anything not suitable for wearing, and arranging and folding it accurately, taking into account the ease of finding any piece when taking it out.
  • Ensure that the drawers close easily. If the drawer does not slide easily when opening and closing, you must continue sorting, until only the person's favorite pieces remain.

The correct way to arrange shirts

To arrange shirts, it is preferable to choose a flat, spacious, and clean surface such as a bed. It is a suitable place for folding clothes , as the best way to fold shirts is: [7]

  • If the shirt has buttons, all of its buttons are closed, and then the shirt is laid on the surface of the bed so that it is face down.
  • If there are shirt sleeves, place them in the center of the shirt so that they are parallel to the shoulders.
  • Each side of the shirt folds so that they touch the top.
  • The bottom part of the shirt folds up to the top, then folded in the center.
  • The shirt can be folded again when more storage space is desired.

The correct way to arrange tunics

It is preferable to follow the same instructions for folding the shirt when folding the jacket, with simple changes to that, where the jacket is placed face down on a flat surface, and when there is a woven wool jacket, all buttons are closed as it helps to reduce the folds of the jacket, and then the sleeves are folded in the middle of the jacket in a fashion Straight so that they are opposite the shoulders, but if the sleeves are long and sticking out from the other side, they must be folded back in. [7]

Trouser arrangement method

It is possible to fold the pants by one of the following methods: [8]

  • Put the pants on the surface without bending it, and then fold it vertically until the legs are together and the pockets are outside, then the legs are folded so that it is higher than the pocket, and this method is suitable for any type of jeans or trousers made of durable fabric and (khaki cloth) as well.
  • Fold the pants by bending them, and this is done by starting by holding the pants from the crease of the leg, then grabbing the pants from the knees and dropping them until the bottom of the pants touches the waist area, then the knee area of ​​the pants becomes up.

Hanging dresses

The wardrobe can be kept tidy and organized by hanging long and light dresses, and arranging them according to their length, color, or type, as this will contribute to preventing the dresses from wrinkling in addition to the possibility of finding them more quickly, as for heavy dresses, it is recommended to fold and arrange them, as it is recommended. Fold cotton dresses, as they may easily lose their shape if hung. [9]

Shoe arrangement

Shoes can be arranged in the closet in the following way: [10]

  • Organizing used shoes in a certain area of ​​the closet, and getting rid of shoes that may be completely dispensed with.
  • Arranging shoes according to the type, such as separating winter shoes from summer shoes, or leather shoes, from other shoes, and so on.
  • Organize shoes according to the number of times they are used, to facilitate access to them.
  • Put a shoe rack on the floor of the closet.
  • Arrange shoes in the front of the closet to make them easy to find.

The arrangement of the chest of drawers

The chest of drawers can be arranged easily by following these steps: [10]

  • Allocating one drawer for each type of clothes: When arranging clothes in drawers, consideration must be given to allocating each drawer to a specific type of clothing, for example all shirts must be placed in one drawer, and pants should be placed in a drawer that is designated for them .
  • Arrange clothes by occasion: arranging clothes by occasion not only helps to get ready quickly in the morning, but also makes the chest of drawers look tidier.
  • Folding and arranging clothes by color: When arranging clothes, take into account their classification according to colors, it is preferable to put black clothes together in one drawer, and white clothes as well.
  • Try to arrange clothes vertically: If a person has a large number of clothes, he should try to fold them and arrange them in the drawers vertically instead of placing them on top of each other to save space.

Double hanging clothes

The double hanging method for clothes can be used to increase the space in the wardrobe , by raising the current rod from the closet, determining the distance that must be available between the floor and the clothes, measuring the height of the clothes to be hung on this hanger and fixing it at this height, then installing another hanging rod above it, and will help to provide double the space in the closet for comment, [11] it is recommended to suspend the clothes by color and type, for example , can be sorted according to T - shirts , sleeve length and then by color , and so on . [3]


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