How to care for feet

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Foot care

Pedicure is important. This is because the feet carry the weight of the whole body, so; Any problem with them will lead to discomfort, and affect the way you walk as well. Which, in turn, may lead to problems and pain in the knee , the hip , and in the . [1]

Care for the beauty of the feet

It is important to take the following steps to preserve beautiful feet:

  • Preserving the smoothness of the feet: as this preserves the appearance of the heels when wearing open shoes, and this is done by immersing the feet in water for a period of 10-15 minutes, with the aim of making the skin more smooth. However , you must beware of immersion foot water dissolved by Alaapsom or the so - called English salt ; This is because it causes the skin to dry out, then the thick layers of skin are removed using a pumice stone, and moisturizing plant-based peels such as crushed fruit cores , sugar, and chemical peels can be used to remove the dead layers of skin, and it is important to use moisturizing materials after the peeling process. Like shea butter , or cocoa butter, and ointments containing salicylic acid or urea can be used. With the aim of softening calluses. [2] [3]
  • Maintaining hydration of the feet: by using Vaseline or what is called petrolatum gel, or emollient substances, or humectant skin moisture preservatives such as lactic acid , Special medical plasters can also be used to soften the nails of flesh while walking, and then thick creams are used to moisturize the tough layers of skin on the heel area, and in cases of severe dryness or cracks of the heels it is preferable to consult a dermatologist , or a doctor who specializes in pedicure Podiatrist to describe appropriate treatment. [2]
  • Use of sunscreen: It is preferable to use sunscreens on the upper area of ​​the feet, and it is preferable to use sunscreens that have a sun protection factor value of 30 or more when walking barefoot or wearing open shoes . [2]

Care for healthy feet

It is important to do the following things to maintain healthy feet:

  • Well drying foot: where contributes to drying feet well after washing -okhash between fingers Akaddm- preventing a fungus infection , such as ringworm foot infection, or the so - called Foot Sports . [1]
  • The use of antifungals: Many forms and types of pharmaceutical anti-fungal drugs are used , such as lotions and solutions that are used for dry feet - or creams or powders - that can be used in people who suffer from increased sweating of the feet and other mild fungal infections of cases Athlete's foot; However, it is not effective in cases of nail fungus infectionToenail Fungus, and according to the recommendations of Dr. Isaac Tabari, a specialist in podiatry, a warm bath of black tea can be used because it contains tannic acid, which has anti-bacterial properties . This may reduce the possibility of infection with athlete's foot, and it is also recommended to use tea tree oil for mild cases of athlete’s foot. [2]
  • Clipping the toenails with caution: You must keep the nails trimmed regularly, and they must be cut straight with appropriate scissors, and not to cut them in a curve, or cut below the edges to avoid the occurrence of internal growth of the nail . [1]
  • Choosing shoes with caution: The shoes must be changed daily to ventilate well and prevent infection, and narrow shoes should not be worn because they change the shape of the toes and increase their swelling, and choose shoes with wide heels, in addition to reducing the periods of wearing flat shoes that do not contain support arches For the foot , and the use of insoles for shoes contributes to making them more comfortable. Foot care physicians recommend the use of insoles that contain a plastic frame to increase the support they provide to the feet. [3] [2]
  • Caution when performing pedicure sessions in beauty centers ; The sterilization of the basins and tools used in pedicure sessions is of the utmost importance. [3]

Common foot problems and their solutions

Smell the feet

The problem of feet odor occurs when sweat accumulates and cannot evaporate as a result of wearing shoes and socks; This increases the amount of sweat available to the bacteria to convert it into odorous substances, and moisture from the feet increases the possibility of a fungal infection. This also contributes to an increase in foot odor; [4] However, it is possible to control foot odor by following the following steps:

  • Wash the feet at least once a day and regularly. [4]
  • Wear new, clean socks daily, and pay attention to the sock's ability to evaporate sweat. [4]
  • Wearing shoes that allow sweat to evaporate, such as those made of leather, and avoiding wearing plastic shoes for long periods, in addition to changing shoes daily to allow for sweat evaporation. [4]
  • Removal of dead layers of skin from the feet; This is because bacteria grow larger on these layers. [4]
  • The use of deodorants or antiperspirants for feet, with attention to the necessity of treatment in the event of a fungus infection and then using these preparations. [4]
  • Take off your shoes regularly and walk barefoot, whenever the opportunity arises. [4]
  • Soak the feet with vinegar and water. [3]

Feet blisters

Foot blisters are swelling of the skin that contains a transparent liquid, and is usually caused by frequent friction in a specific area of ​​the foot. Like wearing tight shoes or wearing shoes without using socks, so; Wearing comfortable socks and shoes and using foot powder to keep them dry helps prevent their appearance, and the possibility of infection, and these warts can be treated by following the following steps: [5]

  • Not being opened or punctured; This is because the skin acts as a buffer layer to prevent infection from reaching it.
  • Wash the affected area with soap and water, or wipe it using special cleaning wipes, and then use an anti-bacterial cream.
  • Cover it with protective gauze and anti-allergic tape, taking into account changing the dressing and gauze daily.
  • Change shoes daily until the pimples are resolved.


Happens nail foot when the accumulation of solid tissues of the skin near the bony toes, occurs as a result of the pressure of the shoe on the foot, or as a result of friction toes together, and can be treated by taking the following ways: [5]

  • Do not remove it with a sharp object or try to make an incision in it.
  • Soak the feet in warm soapy water, and then remove the accumulated tissues using a pumice stone.
  • Wearing wide or tall shoes on the toe area.
  • The use of some medicines or surgery when these drugs fail to treat it.


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