How to paint nails

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Nail polish

Nail polish is an indispensable cosmetic for women, especially on occasions, so many of them resort to expensive beauty salons, knowing that it is possible to paint them correctly at home, and at the lowest costs through the use of good quality and high quality of it, and following the method Correct to prevent staining fingers, or nails, and in this article we will teach you how to paint nails.

How to paint nails

Prepare the work area

Nail polish remover and polish damage any surface they land on; Such as: wood, clothes, and plastic, so it is preferable to wear disposable clothes, taking care not to wear any accessories, then sit at a table or desk, and protect it by placing a piece of butter paper over it, taking care not to use newspaper papers Because it will leave stains of paint.

Remove old nail polish

Remove the old polish by dipping a cotton ball in a little nail remover, then wipe the old polish off, making sure to clean all nooks and crannies.

Cut and smooth nails

Cut and trim the nails using a nail file, being careful to smooth them out thinly to avoid weakening and breaking the nail, then move the nails pivotally on the file to create beautiful curves, and to avoid sharp corners.

Soak the nails

Put your nails in a large bowl that contains lukewarm water with a little soap added to it, and leave it in the mixture for a few minutes, because it helps get rid of dirt, dust, and dead skin, and also makes the excess skin elastic and soft.

Skin tags

Dry your nails from water, then apply a moisturizing cream for the skin on your hands, and use a wooden tool called an orange stick in order to lightly push the skin around the nails back while avoiding cutting these growths; Because cutting it will cause infection and infection.

Hand cream

Gently massage your hands with hand cream or lotion, and if you have dry skin, you can apply the lotion to the hands, but you must make sure that the nails are soaked with it for half an hour, then remove the moisturizing or lotion cream to ensure the stickiness of the nail polish.

Nail hardener

Apply a layer of nail hardener, as it hides any bumpy or uneven spots, as it prevents any stains from leaving paint on the hands.

Nail warnings

  • Avoid softening your nails too much, as you may weaken the nail, or pierce a part of it, which will cause a lot of pain and the risk of infection.
  • Keep nail remover, and nail polish away from high temperatures, as it is flammable quickly.
  • Avoid removing excess skin around the nail to avoid the risk of infection or infections.