How to strengthen gums

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Gum massage

The gums can be strengthened by massaging them, as this positively affects the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen, and this also helps to get rid of food remnants, and this is by massaging the gums using the fingers gently and circular motions with pressure with the index finger on the gums, then rinsing Mouth by using salt or a mouthwash intended for the mouth, and it is worth noting that massage may increase the sensitivity of the gums, so you should not over- massage the gums. [1]

Blackberry leaf

Blackberry leaves help to strengthen the gums, and that is by placing a hundred grams of blackberry leaves in a liter of water, then the solution is boiled, and it is kept on the fire until the juice comes out of the leaves, then rinsing it twice a day. [2]

Chamomile, cinnamon, and vinegar

The mixture of chamomile, cinnamon and vinegar can be used to strengthen the gums and tighten them and increase the redness around the teeth and prevent loose teeth, and this is by mixing a teaspoon of crushed chamomile with a tablespoon of ground cinnamon , then add a cup of vinegar to them, and the mixture is boiled to the degree A quiet heat for only five minutes, then rinsing the resulting solution twice per day, and the process is repeated for three consecutive days. [2]


One of the natural ways that contributes to strengthening the gums in addition to treating it from various infections is eating apples, as it is advised to add apples to the daily diet to get a good result. [3]

Sesame oil

One of the natural ways that contributes to strengthening the gums is the use of sesame oil, and that is by preparing a tablespoon of it, then placing it in the mouth and leaving for 15-25 minutes, then it is taken out from the mouth and rinsed with warm water, then the teeth are brushed well, and the process is repeated every morning Day to get the best results. [4]


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