How to take care of coarse hair

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Wednesday, July 7, 2021 1:00 PM

an introduction

One of the things that annoys a person the most about their personal appearance is coarse hair, and coarse hair is sometimes difficult to brush until after applying creams until it becomes soft and easy to comb.

The nature of bristle

Coarse hair is naturally dry hair and sometimes curly hair, and therefore, original coconut oil must be used until the coarse hair becomes soft, and raw coconut oil is used on hair before the bath and after the bath, but it is better after the bath because the pores of the scalp The hair is open to receive and nourish on the components of this oil. This oil has terrible benefits besides it is one of the strongest recipes for the care of coarse hair, so it is preferable to use this oil after the bath.

How to style coarse hair

When showering, it is preferable to dry the hair well so that it does not break more and use a hairbrush to comb it instead of a comb, and the hair is combed from the bottom and then from the top, and if the ends of the bristle hair are tired and split, then cut two knots of the finger until it Brushing it well and that is to improve the hair at least once a month.

Bath oil and its benefits for coarse hair

It is recommended to do oil baths and hair masks for coarse hair every week so that the coarse hair becomes at least easy to style and retains its vitality, as the vitality of the hair is one's confidence.

Some important steps to take care of dry hair

  • One of the important steps in caring for dry hair is to avoid washing hair daily. Washing hair daily does not make it soft, but rather increases its dryness. The hair needs to be nourished, and when washing the hair, you should avoid using a thermal hair texture except in occasional times because this also exhausts the hair, and so when washing Hair The conditioner should be used for ten minutes and then washed well and dried and put a cloth bag on the hair to allow it to dry and not to expose it to air currents because it breaks down the hair.
  • It is also recommended to use olive oil to maintain the health of the hair, as the hair, when nourished well, is not exposed to drought, so olive oil is one of the best oils that nourish hair along with coconut oil. It is also recommended to use aloe vera oil, watercress oil and castor oil to make a hair mask, as they are soothing and nourishing oils for hair at the same time.
  • It is advised to use natural mixtures that nourish the hair and straighten the hair, such as applying mayonnaise with castor oil, as both materials are rich in proteins that nourish the hair, and it is also recommended to maintain the quality of the food we eat and the amount of water we drink, so drinking water is one of the essentials that hair follicles need to be nourished.