How to take care of nails

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Care of the skin surrounding the nails

Healthy nails can be obtained by taking care of the surrounding skin, so you should not cut or cut any skin around the nail, because this skin represents a natural barrier against fungi and bacteria, and once this protection is violated, the skin or skin will swell, reddish and tear, and thus the nail will be damaged. Permanently surrounding it. [1]

Minimize manicure

New York dermatologist Dana Stern advises to reduce high-quality nail trimming , which is done by using many chemicals and harsh ingredients that cause dry and brittle nails, and the nail may become infected if this excessive pigmentation increases, and it is worth noting that nail infection can be reduced when Using nail polish using special tools that have not been shared with anyone. [2]

Avoid nail polish remover

Avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone, as several studies have shown that this product may cause the nails to strip, and thus they will become brittle. [2]

Nail cleaning

Beautiful and healthy nails can be obtained by using a clean brush under the nails, and the use of tapered tools should also be avoided, whether at home or in care centers, because they contribute to increasing the gap between the nail and its nail bed, in addition to this harsh care Causes spread of bacterial and fungal infections. [3]

Tips for taking care of nails

Nails can be taken care of by following the following methods: [4]

  • Maintaining the drying and cleaning of the nails: It is recommended to dry the nails well to prevent the growth of bacteria under the nails, because constant contact with water leads to their extraction, so it is preferable to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning, or using any chemicals.
  • Follow healthy nail care habits: This can be done by using sharp nail scissors, straightening the nails, and leaving the nail tip with a slight curve.
  • Use a nail conditioner: You can take care of the nails by using a hand lotion, and applying it around the nails and the surrounding skin.
  • Use of nail hardeners: These products help to increase the strength of the nail, and biotin can be used, a food supplement that strengthens weak and brittle nails.


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