How to unify the color of the face

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Natural ways to unify the color of the face

the milk

Milk is a useful means for lightening the skin, smoothing it and unifying its color. It brightens the skin, which reduces dark pigmentation and scars, and it benefits people who suffer from dry, peeling skin. [1]

the salt

Salt can be used to even out skin tone, it is a natural disinfectant, anti-bacterial, and prevents skin infections, and should be mixed with olive oil when using it; In order not to cause dryness of the skin, it can be used by mixing a few teaspoons of salt, with a sufficient amount of olive oil, and rubbing the face with the mixture gently; This mixture exfoliates dead cells, evens out skin tone, and cleanses it. [2]


Option can be used to standardize the color of the skin; Due to its astringent, moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties; It helps to repair damaged skin cells, remove dead skin cells, and thus increase the glow of the skin. Cucumber is used by cutting a fresh cucumber into slices, rubbing the face with it, leaving it overnight, then removing it in the morning, washing the face with warm water, and repeating this process daily. Before going to sleep. [3]

Medical methods to standardize the color of the face


Hydroquinone is a cream used to whiten the skin, lighten the color of dark spots on it, and unify the skin color, and this cream is applied to the skin twice a day, or as decided by the specialist, and this cream can cause skin irritation or inflammation A skin care professional should be consulted if a person notices pain, redness or dryness while using it; To suggest other solutions and treatments. [4]

Clinical skin peeling

There are three levels of clinical skin peeling , which are light, medium, and deep, which penetrate the skin with a chemical solution, exfoliate the skin, and show a new and beautiful skin. Sedatives or pain relievers, while the deep level requires anesthesia because it uses phenol, in addition to that there are some chemical peelers that can be used at home, which contain small amounts of glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and you should avoid using these peelers when you have sensitive skin, or when Use acne products. [4]


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