How to use dental floss

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Tuesday, December 7, 2021 3:00 PM

an introduction

Many people always strive to obtain a beautiful smile, which reflects the beauty and health of teeth, so the person had to provide care for his teeth by following several methods and instructions, we will touch on this topic to talk about some of them.

Tips for maintaining dental health

  • First of all, a person must visit the dentist even if he does not feel any disease in the teeth or mouth, and also make sure to clean the teeth after eating, after the passage of 30 minutes, so that saliva reduces and reduces the effect of acids that leave in the mouth, and the time is estimated The adequate and appropriate process of cleaning the teeth is three minutes at least, in the morning and evening.
  • It is also recommended to drink water as much as possible, as it is an important element to maintain dental health, as water is one of the essential elements that cannot be dispensed with and that saliva is an essential component that works on producing minerals.
  • Not to mention that the water contains a mineral that protects the teeth from corrosion, which we find always mentioned in the composition of mouthwash and toothpaste. Also, milk is a dairy product that contains very important elements, which in turn help to give the bones of the teeth strength, such as phosphate, vitamin D and calcium.
  • To enjoy healthy teeth, it is recommended to drink black or green tea by one or two cups, due to the polyphenols present in them, as it works to kill bacteria and prevent their growth that causes acid production in the teeth.
  • One of the methods used in cleaning the teeth in addition to the traditional method used in cleaning the teeth represented by the use of toothbrushes and paste, is the use of dental floss, through which the floss can reach places where bacteria and food residues accumulate that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach.

Types of dental floss

Before moving on to talk about how to use dental flossing, it must be noted that there are two types of dental flossing: monofilament and nylon threads.

The monofilaments compared to nylon threads are considered to be the same in terms of them, not to mention their resistance to any tearing, which may in turn be easily exposed to nylon threads. These threads are the most protective gum, and the least harmful as well. 

Use of dental floss

  • This method takes 2-3 minutes on a daily basis, by using a dental floss that is about 50 cm long, where you have to wrap most of the floss around your middle finger in each hand, so that about 5 cm of the length of the floss remains between your two fingers.
  • Later, pass the floss carefully, in the direction of what is between the teeth from a vacuum, taking care to make the floss tight, in addition to avoiding that you forcefully press the gums. After that, you should wrap the floss in the shape of a letter C on each of your teeth, moving back and forth gently to the base of the tooth, with the need to make sure that the thread reaches the gum border.
  • And when you move from one tooth to another, use a new part of dental floss, making sure to open the mouth during cleaning and not close it. And when you finish this process of cleaning your teeth, use the same movements, and also back and forth to remove the floss from between your teeth.