How to wash colored clothes

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Washing clothes

The process of cleaning and washing clothes is a continuous process that a person performs repeatedly, and is not based on placing the laundry inside the washing machine only, but rather a set of sequential steps. Clothes can be cleaned in more than one way depending on the type of fabrics, time, available resources, and the quality of stains Dusting with a vacuum cleaner, or scraping stains from the piece of clothing if the cloth is suitable, as well as hand washing to wash soft fabrics, wool, and clothes that contain a lot of fixed accessories, and there are some fabrics and stains that need dry cleaning. [1]

How to wash colored clothes

The method of washing clothes using a washing machine is not difficult as long as a person follows some steps to wash colored clothes, such as: [2] [3]

Sort clothes

First the laundry should be sorted by color into bundles; A package contains light colors such as pink and light blue, and a package contains dark colors such as brown, red, black and gray, and then sorting each package according to the type of fabrics; A package contains a set of heavy fabrics such as shirts, jeans, and heavy sportswear, and another package contains a set of soft cloth such as underwear, silk, socks, a set of towels, and a cotton set, and it is better to sort another package in which the heavily soiled clothes are placed, and in case not There was not enough clothes for a full wash cycle for each type of fabric, it is possible to wash clothes of every color together, which makes choosing the wash cycle easier and preserves the fabrics.

Read labels

The pieces of clothing contain a care label, and they are located on the back or at the ends, and contain the appropriate washing instructions for the piece in terms of temperature, the appropriate type of powder, and if it is suitable for washing in the washing machine, or it must be washed by hand separately, and these instructions help to Determining the appropriate washing mechanism for the piece, which reduces the possibility of its damage and fading.

Inspect clothes

You must inspect the pockets and make sure that they are completely free of any papers and tissue paper so as not to damage the laundry or the washing machine, and close the zippers of trousers, shirts and buttons so that no second pieces are attached to them, and remove any additional decorative pieces on the clothes such as accessories, belts and decorative pins; To ensure its safety and that of the washing machine.

Put it in the washing machine

After the clothes are finally sorted and examined, it is the turn to put them in the washing machine, and you must avoid filling the washing machine with a large amount of clothes and filling it completely more than it can accommodate, and also not to put a small quantity so that it is empty, so it is preferable to fill it in a medium quantity according to the instructions of the washing machine.

Choose cleaning powders

Choose the appropriate washing liquid for each cycle according to the type of fabric, colors, and the type of the washing machine, and then add bleaches, sterilizers and fabric softener as needed, and it is best to use powders made from natural materials and free of perfumes in the case of a person suffering from a skin allergy, and in the event that the washing machine does not contain On special drawers for washing powders , it is best to dissolve them with a little water and put them at the bottom of the washing machine before putting the laundry.

Choose a wash cycle

It is preferable to use cold temperatures for water in washing cycles, but in cases that the clothes are very dirty or need sterilization and disinfection, it is preferable to use high temperatures for water, and for the washing cycle also it is better to choose the regular cycle except in exceptional cases such as jeans , soft fabrics, or tissues Delicate is like wool.


After removing the clothes from the washing machine, they must be dried, and in the event that there is a clothes dryer, light fabrics must be put together and choose a suitable drying temperature for all of them, and this works to protect the clothes and prevent their shrinkage, and in the absence of a dryer, they must be spread outdoors in a clean place exposed to the sun until Dry up.

Tips for preserving the clothes when washing them

As far as washing colored clothes seems a long and complicated process, there are some small tips that can be followed to make it an easy and safe process to keep clothes from damage, including: [4] [5]

  • Wash clothes only when they are dirty, so that they do not fade or become damaged.
  • It is best to remove large stains from clothes before washing them.
  • Baskets can be customized for assembling laundry packages; To facilitate the screening process.
  • It is best to follow the care label instructions and not ignore them if dry cleaning of parts is required; To avoid damaging the clothes.
  • Add a cup of washing vinegar at the end of the wash cycle; This is to remove detergent residue and the smell of mildew from clothes.
  • Put socks and small baby clothes in a laundry bag before putting them into the washer to avoid losing them.
  • You can replace fabric softener with baking soda, and use it with bleach to make its effect stronger.
  • Pieces of ice can be placed in the dryer and left for ten minutes, and then the clothes can be taken out and hung directly. This is to get rid of its wrinkles.
  • Colored woolen clothes can be soaked if they are squeezed with a solution of cold water and hair conditioner and left for at least half an hour until they return to their normal size.
  • It is preferable to wash rubber clothes by hand in cold water.
  • It is preferable to turn over delicate clothes made of wool and cashmere before putting them in the washing machine, in order to avoid exposing the fabric to damage, and so as not to slip the strings.
  • When washing new dyed clothes such as red clothes for the first time, it is preferable to make sure that their color does not dissolve and affect other pieces, and therefore it is better to wash them on their own until you are sure of their color stability. For about a third of an hour, then wash it with cold water, and let it dry. [6]


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