Moisturizing coarse hair

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dry hair

Coarse and dry hair is a problem that many women face, and it is one of the most problems that need time to treat, and hair loses its moisture and becomes dry as a result of several factors such as the use of dryer and thermal devices on the hair constantly or the use of chemical hair preparations frequently, and other factors that make the hair lose moisture and softness. But it is not difficult to restore moisture to hair and get rid of its dryness, by preparing natural recipes from home with ease, while adhering to some simple tips to solve this problem.

Causes of dry hair

Dry hair occurs as a result of several factors and causes, and these are the most important of them:

  • Exposure of hair to harsh weather factors, such as air and sun. [1]
  • Frequent use of hair straightening tools and materials. [1]
  • Using chemicals on hair such as dyes and others. [1]
  • Wash hair frequently. [2]

Types of moisturizing hair

There are basic types of moisturizing hair, and they are: [2]

  • Regular moisturizing: This is by using a conditioner on the hair regularly after washing it with shampoo.
  • Permanent moisturizing: This type of moisturizing the conditioner is not washed off the hair, but rather is left for the next hair washing appointment.
  • Deep moisturizing: Either leave the conditioner for minutes and cover it with a hair cover, or put some kind of oil or a mixture of oils on the hair and add the moisturizer to the hair over the oils and cover it with exposure to heat and leave it for a whole night.

Natural mixtures to moisturize dry and rough hair

There are easy-to-prepare homemade recipes and mixes that work to moisturize and soften hair, and here are some of them:


It is the egg effective treatment for hair coarse and curly because it contains protein and fat that works to hydrate and soften the hair. [3]

the ingredients:

  • an egg.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Spoon of mayonnaise .

How to prepare:

  • Beat the egg and mix with the oil and mayonnaise.
  • Put the mixture on the hair and leave for 30 minutes, then wash it with cold water.
  • Repeat the mixture once a week.

Fenugreek seeds

This mixture is useful for treating curly hair, moisturizing it and making it more smooth. [3]

the ingredients:

  • 3-5 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds .
  • 3 tablespoons of yogurt.
  • A spoonful of olive oil.

How to prepare:

  • Fenugreek seeds are soaked in water and left overnight.
  • The next day, grind the seeds into a coherent paste.
  • Mix yogurt and olive oil together, then add them to the fenugreek.
  • Apply the mixture to the hair with a complete massage of the scalp and hair, and leave it for at least an hour.
  • Wash the hair with warm water and shampoo.
  • Repeat this mixture once or twice a week.

Sesame oil and honey

This mixture helps moisturize and soften dry hair. [4]

the ingredients:

  • Two tablespoons of sesame oil .
  • Two tablespoons of honey.
  • Two egg yolks.
  • Two tablespoons of rosemary oil.

How to prepare:

  • The ingredients are mixed well and applied to the scalp and massaged.
  • Another layer of the mixture is placed over the entire hair and covered with a plastic wrap for an hour.
  • Wash hair well with water and shampoo, then rinse it with boiled water with rosemary and basil.
  • Repeat this mixture once a week.


This mixture is to nourish, soften and moisturize hair. [5]

the ingredients:

  • An avocado.
  • Banana.
  • Coconut water.
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt.
  • olive oil.

How to prepare:

  • Mash the banana and avocado and mix the ingredients together.
  • Put the mixture on the hair and leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash hair with water and shampoo.

Lemon and coconut milk

To soften and moisturize hair. [1]

the ingredients:

  • A cup of lemon juice .
  • A cup of coconut milk .

How to prepare:

  • Mix the two ingredients well and apply the mixture to the hair from the roots to the ends, combing the hair and massaging the scalp with light movements for 10 minutes.
  • Wrap the hair in a damp towel and leave the mixture on the hair for half an hour, then wash it as usual.

Celery leaves

To soften hair and rehydrate it. [1]

the ingredients:

How to prepare:

  • Chop celery leaves, mix with water and leave for two days.
  • Filter the mixture and put it on the hair, combing it and massaging the scalp, and leave it for half an hour, then wash it with water and shampoo.

Banana peels and olive oil

This mixture is effective and has quick results to moisturize coarse hair. [6]

the ingredients:

  • The peels of 3 banana fruits.
  • A can of coconut oil.
  • The same amount as the can of olive oil.

How to prepare:

  • The ingredients are mixed in an electric mixer.
  • Put the mixture on a fire until boiling, then put it in a glass container.
  • After the mixture cools, put it on the hair and wrap it with a plastic wrap and a hot towel and leave for two hours, then wash it.

Aloe Vera

To soften and moisturize coarse hair, because it contains minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy hair. [7]

the ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera Gel.

How to prepare:

  • The gel is extracted from the aloe vera plant and is massaged with the scalp.
  • Leave it on the hair for 15 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water.

Dry hair care tips

These are the most important tips for caring for dry hair:

  • Wash hair only two or three times a week. [3]
  • Avoid washing the hair with shampoo on a daily basis, because it removes the hair from the beneficial oils and makes it dry. [3]
  • Not to violently use a towel to dry the hair when drying the hair with it. [3]
  • Use a wide or wide toothed comb when combing hair. [3]
  • Avoid exposing the hair to chemicals or heat, such as dyes, straightening creams, and hot devices that work on straightening the hair. [3]
  • Choosing the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. [3]
  • Avoid exposing hair to the sun, as it increases dryness. [3]
  • Make sure to always use conditioner, as it moisturizes dry hair. [3]
  • Cut hair regularly every two months to get rid of split ends. [7]


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