Nail lengthening in two days

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Nail lengthening

Despite what may be widespread information or prescriptions that have the ability to lengthen the nails or accelerate their growth, this is not scientifically correct, and this is due to the fact that the nails grow at a constant rate estimated at about 3.5 mm per month, and this growth cannot be affected in a way. It's magic to speed it up, whether by using polish or applying vitamins directly to the nails, or even using different types of lotions, but what can be done to improve their appearance and maintain their length as much as possible is to take care of them to strengthen them and protect them from breakage. [1]

Important nutrients


People have long believed that weak and broken nails are linked to a lack of calcium in the body, and this suggestion has been linked to the link of calcium deficiency with cases of osteoporosis, and accordingly studies have been conducted to examine this relationship and some have proven the correctness of the above, so it is good to supplement the diet with this element, Especially in individuals at risk of deficiency, in addition to the possibility of using nail care products that contain calcium among its ingredients. [1]


Protein is the main component of nails, so lack of protein from the diet causes weak nails and affects their health, and to avoid this, it is recommended to eat protein-rich foods from their vegetable and animal sources. [1]


Biotin is available as a food supplement that is sold individually or within a range of vitamins designed for skin care, hair, nails, and benefit biotin as a tonic for the nails, and keeps them from cracking or separation, and thus makes it longer for as long as possible. [2]

Natural recipes to protect nails

the Garlic

Garlic is considered one of the antibiotics, and it works to protect the nails from potential infection, thus providing better conditions for their growth, and it can be used by cutting the garlic clove in half to rub the nails with it, then keep it until it is absorbed by the nails , followed by making a paste of garlic cloves To be applied to the nails at a rate of five minutes a day for a week. [3]

Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is one of the most effective ingredients in stimulating nail growth. Due to the ease and speed of absorption, it is used by mixing it with a few drops of one of the oils, and tea oil can be used, for example, then warm the mixture a little and dip the nails with it until it is absorbed, and leave it on the nails for a full night before washing them. [3]


Eggshell contains many components necessary for the growth of nails, including calcium, protein, iron, magnesium and others, and these elements can be used by crushing the eggshells and placing them in a mixer to be mixed with almonds, walnuts, and flax seeds, and forming a powder so that a small spoon is consumed From it on a daily basis, along with a cup of warm milk, and continue this recipe for a month until you get the most benefit from it. [3]


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