Nail polish method

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Laying down a base layer

When you put nail polish or manicure must start using a layer basis , this helps to facilitate the adhesion of the paint nail, also contributes to the protection of the nails from the harmful effects of the coating nails Kaltksr; As most of these products are rich in vitamin E and calcium, and the base layer limits the staining effects that may be exposed, in addition to being useful in giving a more polished appearance to the nails when they are painted. [1]

Apply the paint correctly

To apply the paint correctly, a set of steps must be followed, namely: [2]

  • Wipe both sides of the nail polish brush with the inside end of the package, to get rid of the excess paint on the brush.
  • Apply the polish to the nails using three brush swabs, so that each smear extends from the inner part of the nail to the outer part slowly, starting from the center of the nail, then the left side and ending with the right side; This method spread the nail polish evenly.
  • After the first layer of paint has dried, it is recommended to apply a second layer; Using two thin layers of nail polish is better than using one thick layer, so that the polish does not peel off.
  • When you are done applying nail polish, it is necessary to clean its traces on the skin of the fingers using a piece of cotton and polish remover.
  • It is possible to add a transparent top coat when using colored nail polish; This is to protect the paint layer from cracking or peeling.

Common mistakes when applying nail polish

There are some mistakes that are made when doing nail polish, and these mistakes are: [3]

  • Start painting the nails without cleaning them from the dirt on them and not removing the remnants of previous nail polish, as these things will prevent new nail polish from sticking.
  • Neglecting the correct technique in applying nail polish, which depends on applying three swabs of polish.
  • Doing household cleaning tasks and the like without the obligation to wear gloves, which causes the paint to peel off.


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