Plastic surgery and its damages

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Cosmetic surgery

Most people are interested in achieving perfection in the general appearance, whether in the details of the face or the shape of the body. Or to imitate the appearance of an artist and other reasons, but despite the benefits and benefits of plastic surgery, it has some negative side effects and risks that we will know about in this article.

Damages of plastic surgery

  • Feeling of severe pain at the site of the operation, which may last for a few weeks.
  • The appearance of scars or deformities, and the effects of the operation sometimes not disappearing, which causes severe disappointment to the patient.
  • The need to repeat the process more than once to get the desired result, knowing that some will disappear with time, such as injections of fillers or botox.
  • Suffering from some negative emotions and mood swings, such as depression or excessive nervousness, which will require treatment by a specialist.
  • Having an addiction to these processes, and feeling an urgent desire to change the general appearance.
  • The impact on the individual's economic condition, because it is financially costly.

The risks involved in plastic surgery

  • Inflammation or infection of the wound site.
  • Bleeding, which may lead to anemia, anemia, or death if it is not treated in a timely manner, and this is the case for all human surgeries.
  • Exposure to some of the risks resulting from anesthesia, which include the following:
    • Entering into a state of coma that may be either permanent or temporary.
    • Having blood clots.
    • Suffering from severe pneumonia.
    • A sudden and severe drop in blood.
    • Increased chances of strokes, or heart attacks.
    • Death, if the patient suffers from obesity.
  • Causing a state of nerve damage that results in a feeling of numbness or tingling.
  • Swelling of the skin as a result of fluid gathering under it.
  • Suffering from allergies, especially in the processes of transferring the skin.
  • Damage occurs either in the internal body organs or in the brain cells.

Tips before doing plastic surgeries

  • Make sure to choose a plastic surgeon with a good reputation and great experience in his field, while making sure that he holds accredited certificates.
  • Conducting medical tests and examinations so that the patient does not suffer from any risks or complications that may kill his life.
  • Obtaining psychological and moral support from the doctor, family and friends.
  • Patience, slowing down, and not in a hurry to get results.
  • Not to undergo new procedures without previously being tested.
  • Ensure the actual need for this type of operation.