Recipes to soften hair naturally

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Hair straightening

Having fine, downy hair is a dream for everyone, especially women, because it has a role in increasing the beauty of the face and increasing its attractiveness. But there are many people who have coarse and tangled hair, which causes them a state of annoyance about how to style it, due to the difficulty they face in doing so, and sometimes coarse hair may appear as a result of the negative influence of some external factors, or because of wrong methods of hair care, such as Excessive exposure to sunlight, and frequent use of chemical dyes. Hair can be smoothed by using certain chemicals based on its composition, and it gives clear results in smoothing, but in return it exposes the hair to damage and damage, in the long term in addition to being very expensive. Fortunately, naturalness is full of materials that can be used as recipes capable of SmoothingHair and at the same time safe on it, so that it does not cause any bad side effects on it, and it is inexpensive economically. [1] [2]

Causes of rough hair

There may be some reasons that negatively affect the texture of the hair and make it rough. Of which: [2]

  • Extreme stress and tension.
  • Too much exposure to the sun .
  • Frequent use of heat styling tools.
  • Infection with some diseases that cause roughness of hair.
  • The use of hair products based on harsh chemicals.
  • Swimming in pools, which are high in chlorine.
  • Neglecting to use conditioner when cleaning hair.
  • Exposing the hair to chemical dyes.
  • Getting old.

Tips to get fine hair

There are some tips that are recommended to apply, to get fine hair, and to avoid rough texture. Of which: [3]

  • Washing hair with cold water : Washing hair with hot water is a harmful thing that hastens its destruction, so it is recommended to wash the hair and clean it using cold water, cold water helps straighten the strands of hair, as it appears soft and shiny after it dries.
  • Use of conditioner : It is very important not to neglect the application of conditioner on the hair when washing it, because the conditioner works to provide the hair with the appropriate moisture, making it soft and eliminating tangles and rough texture, and to achieve this it is preferable to choose a type of conditioner free of silicone , as it is It accumulates in the hair with length of use, making it faded.
  • Combing hair : It is always recommended to always comb the hair. This works to pull out the natural oils on the scalp, and spread them along the strands of hair, which helps to moisturize it and make it feel smooth.
  • Washing hair : It is never recommended to wash hair every day; Because this strips it of the natural oils present in the scalp, which have an essential role in moisturizing the hair strands, and instead of that, washing it should be reduced to several times a week.
  • Use a suitable shampoo : To soften the hair, it is imperative to choose a suitable shampoo that is free of sulfate, as this substance has a great role in removing the natural scalp oils, which makes the hair strands more dry and curly.
  • Sleeping on soft pillows : it is recommended to sleep on soft pillows made of silk, and not on cotton pillows; As it absorbs hair moisture, making the hair more dry and frizzy.
  • Trimming the hair : The hair may suffer from breakage, which makes the hair feel rough, so it is recommended to trim the hair by cutting its ends one inch every 6 to 12 weeks, as this helps to increase its smoothness and rid it of damage.

Natural recipes to soften coarse hair

There are a group of natural recipes that help soften coarse hair. Such as:

Egg recipe

Eggs contain beneficial nutrients for hair, as they are a rich source of protein and fatty acids, so they provide hair with adequate moisture, making it soft to touch. The method is: [2]

  • The ingredients :
    • Two eggs.
    • Two tablespoons of almond oil .
    • Half a cup of yogurt.
    • Mixing bowl.
    • shower cap.
  • Preparation method :
    • Scoop the contents of the eggs into the bowl, beating to get a mixture of foamy texture.
    • Add the other ingredients to the egg shake and mix well.
    • Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair.
    • Cover head with a shower cap, for 30 minutes.
    • Wash hair with cold water and shampoo.
    • The recipe is repeated once a week.

Banana recipe

It enters the bananas in the formation of many of the recipes that concern the health of hair, it contains elements that enable it to enrich hair necessary moisture, making it soft and healthy appearance. The method is: [4]

  • The ingredients :
    • An amount of mashed banana.
    • An amount of mashed papaya (equal to the amount of a banana).
    • A tablespoon of honey.
    • Mixing bowl.
  • Preparation method :
    • Bring the bowl, and put the ingredients inside.
    • Mix the ingredients well.
    • Apply the mixture to the hair from the roots to the ends.
    • Leave the mixture on the hair for half an hour.
    • Wash the hair with water.
    • Repeat the recipe once a week, for a period of one or two months.

Mayonnaise recipe

Mayonnaise contains valuable nutrients; It consists of strong acids and antioxidants that help in nourishing the hair, and sufficiently moisturize it, making the hair feel soft. The method is: [1]

  • The ingredients :
    • A cup of mayonnaise.
    • Two teaspoons of avocado puree.
    • Mixing bowl.
    • shower cap.
  • Preparation method :
    • Bring the bowl, and put the ingredients inside.
    • Mix the ingredients well.
    • Apply the mixture to the hair from the roots to the ends.
    • Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave it on for an hour.
    • Wash hair with water and shampoo.

Celery leaf recipe

Celery leaves can be used in the composition of a recipe, which may be effective in softening the hair and making it straight, because it contains properties that enable it. The method is: [4]

  • The ingredients :
    • 10 to 12 bunches of celery leaves.
    • A clean piece of cloth.
    • Electric juicer.
    • shower cap.
    • comb.
    • Container.
  • Preparation method :
    • Chop celery leaves, and put them in an electric juicer to get their juice.
    • Drain celery juice using a clean cloth, and put the filtered juice into a bowl.
    • Leave the bowl overnight.
    • Apply the filtered juice to the scalp and hair the following morning.
    • Comb the hair with a comb.
    • Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave it on for 25 to 30 minutes.
    • Wash the hair with plain water, and leave it to dry on its own.
    • The recipe is repeated regularly, to obtain the desired results.

Avocado recipe

Avocado is one of the foodstuffs that contain beneficial elements for hair, as it provides it with adequate moisture and the necessary nutrition, making it an effective recipe for softening rough hair. The method is: [2]

  • The ingredients :
    • A ripe avocado.
    • Two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.
    • Mixing bowl.
  • Preparation method :
    • Peel the avocado and take out the pulp, put it in a mixing bowl and mash it well.
    • Add olive oil to the avocado puree, and mix the ingredients well.
    • Apply the mixture to damp hair, from root to tip.
    • Cover the head with a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes.
    • Wash hair with water and shampoo.
    • Repeat the recipe once or twice a week.


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