Rheumatic disease

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We often hear about rheumatic disease, rheumatic fever, rheumatism of the heart, or rheumatism of the joints, as all these terms usually in our societies and in Arab doctors' custom are used for one term, which is rheumatic fever.

Rheumatism concept

Rheumatic disease or rheumatic fever is an immune reaction that may be followed by pharyngitis or tonsillitis by bacteria called group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus, so after two to three weeks of infection with tonsillitis or throat rheumatic fever appears; This fever affects the joints with inflammation, and the heart muscle may also become inflamed, leading to heart failure if treatment is not taken. It also affects the nervous system, and usually affects children and adolescents.

Rheumatic fever is a dangerous disease that affects the heart if it is left untreated, and it is caused by an infection in the throat or tonsils !! Is it reasonable that tonsillitis leads to these complications on the heart, joints, and most of the body's systems? !! For me, this is the authenticity of the words of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him: ( Like the believers in their affection and compassion, the same as one body, if a member complains about it, the rest of the body will be called to him by staying up late and fever). This hadith confirms the authenticity of what we said, and that it is not surprising.

Symptoms of rheumatic fever

  • The patient's sense of heat
  • Anorexia
  • General weakness and heart palpitations
  • Joint pain
  • The patient may sometimes have what is called dancing

The treatment of the disease focuses on complete rest, aspirin and cortisone as well. As for the prevention of the disease, it is based on the use of penicillin for at least five years after the disease or for the twenty years of age. The most important complications of the disease are its effect on the mitral valve, leading to a regression in it.

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