Rheumatology diagnosis

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Rheumatology diagnosis

Diagnosis of rheumatism is based on the so-called Ducet John criteria. Where it is divided into essential criteria and secondary criteria, and the diagnosis of the disease requires the presence of two essential criteria, or a basic criterion with two secondary criteria, with proof of the presence of bacterial infection in the throat in both cases.

Duckett John Standards

Core standards

  • Inflammation of the heart
  • Multiple arthritis
  • Dancing
  • Marginal erythema
  • Subcutaneous nodules

Minor standards

  • the heat
  • Joint pain .
  • Previous rheumatic fever .
  • Increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate and active protein (C)
  • Increased white blood cells.

Evidence of previous infection with streptococcus bacteria is that a throat culture is positive, or that there is a recent scarlet fever, or that the anti-streptolysin (o +) is positive; Therefore, the tests that help in the diagnosis include making a sample taken from the throat, knowing the level of anti-streptolysin or streptokinase in the blood, as well as knowing the rate of red blood cell deposition in the blood and the active protein (C), and among the very useful tests is making cardiograms or heart imaging through Echo device.

A summary of rheumatism

One of the most important symptoms of this disease is the patient’s feeling of heat with loss of appetite, general weakness, heart palpitations, and joint pain, and the patient may sometimes suffer what is called dancing, and the treatment of the disease focuses on complete rest, aspirin, and cortisone as well. As for the prevention of disease, it is based on the use of penicillin for at least five years after the illness or for twenty years of age. The most important complication of the disease is its effect on the mitral valve, leading to regurgitation in it.

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