Standards of women's beauty among peoples

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM


In Japan there are different standards, so the Japanese prefer to be a woman


Soft and thin in shape

Clear skin and neck

Quiet sound

Her feet are small

Her gait is thin and paced

In addition, they consider height a defect, if not an advantage in a woman


The ancient pharaohs were interested in measuring beauty with kohl eyes more than others, as they searched for the finest types of kohl, considering that the more women focused on the beauty of their eyes, they became more charming and attractive, and they also paid much attention to perfumes and vapors, as the pharaohs were considered the first to use frankincense to perfume the mouth


The most preferred thing in the West is height, so you see them care about it a lot and consider it as the most important measure of beauty, then it is followed by blonde hair, but they were nevertheless fascinated by black hair and clear brown skin with a slim, athletic body and shoulders for its wide and thick lips and full


Some African tribes increase the dowry of a woman as her skin becomes darker, and the reason for this is that this is not only a sign of beauty, but also a sign of the purity of her race as well as Africans never prefer long hair as they shave girls completely or as it is said to zero even They look more feminine and attractive, in addition to the fact that they like fatness

Mongolia and Tibet

The tribes of Tibet and Mongolia prefer the very long neck, and therefore you see them put metal rings on the neck of the girl since her birth every year until the length of the neck increases, and the rings can reach a very large number so that the woman looks like a giraffe

South Sudan

In some African countries, such as South Sudan, many tribes care about the cracks that they make on a woman's face since birth to protect her, and they also make these cracks on her stomach and hands, and they consider a woman who is not to marry, as she is an imperfect woman.


The people of Eskimoa and Amerindians pay more attention to the smell of the girl, especially the smell of the mouth, body and hair, so you see girls are keen to put oils for his perfume and leaves in the hair while chewing some plants that smell good for the mouth, and they also test the smell of the woman’s mouth and body before her engagement and the matchmaker in that country undertakes a task Smell the scent of the woman whose marriage is being targeted


This is an overview of the beauty qualities of some peoples, so what about Arab beauty in the past and in the pre-Islamic era, and how did the look of beauty become among the Arabs today?

In the past, the beautiful woman was described as a woman with a narrow waist, with a diminished abdomen and her chest shining in color, sparkling with clarity, as the glow of a mirror, not with a large belly or relaxed, and no shortness or length complained about it, just as the Arabs used to love a full-fledged woman, but the Arab man tomorrow loves a woman with a slim figure and who is tired