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Most of us have heard of this disease, and many people, including myself, before entering the College of Medicine, I thought that it was a disease that afflicts a person when the glass reaches his body! Of course, when we studied medicine at the Hashemite University, things proved that my idea was wrong, and that I left the right thing in my thinking, and this simple article presents this disease to us in a way that I ask God for the benefit of all, and shows us how a small wound may cause a fatal disease!

Definition of the disease

It is an acute disease that results from contamination of wounds with a bacterium called Clostridium Titani, which secretes its toxin into the blood, which is called tetanus toxin, and leads to contractions in most of the muscles of the body, the most dangerous of which is spasms of the respiratory muscle that may lead to death.


Tetanus disease is caused by a bacterium called Clostridium Titani, as when the patient suffers from a wound, these bacteria enter the area of ​​the wound, and then into the blood, and the most important symptom of the disease is a lock in the throat with severe contractions in all parts of the body and nervous spasms with a normal sensory system. It leads to complications especially on the respiratory system, which may lead to death, and one of the most important things in treating it is to give the patient muscle relaxants and take care of the patient's respiratory system, and to prevent it from caring for wounds and tetanus vaccine


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