Tetanus vaccine

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Tetanus is a bacterial disease that results from the bacteria known as Clostridium tetani, which secretes a toxic substance that infects the nervous system, affecting the signals transmitted from the brain to the nerves in the spinal cord, which in turn are transmitted to the muscles, which leads to To the occurrence of painful muscle contractions, especially in the neck and jaw area, and tetanus may affect the patient's breathing, which makes the disease threatening his life, and due to the emergence and spread of tetanus vaccine in developed countries, infection with tetanus has become rare in these countries, but the disease still poses a risk in some developing countries Which tetanus vaccine is not available yet. [1] [2]

Tetanus vaccine

The bacteria that cause tetanus are found in soil, dust, and compost, but tetanus is not transmitted from one person to another, but rather is transmitted through cuts or scrapes, and the deeper the scratch or wound, the higher the probability of infection with the bacteria that cause tetanus, and it should be noted that most cases of tetanus result from wounds Knives and nails, and because tetanus is a disease that cannot be cured, and because the death rate reaches 10-20% of cases, taking a tetanus vaccine is very important, and that is why the discovery of the tetanus vaccine made remarkable health progress. In fact, the tetanus vaccine is given into the deltoid muscle, or deltoid muscle, in doses and ingredients depending on the individual's age. [3]

Forms of tetanus vaccine

Often the tetanus vaccine is prepared by combining two or three of the vaccines that are given to prevent other diseases, and therefore taking a tetanus vaccine protects against infection with tetanus and other diseases for which the vaccine was taken. Among the forms of the tetanus vaccine are the following: [4]

  • DTaP vaccine: This vaccine includes vaccination against diphtheria , tetanus , and whooping cough , and this vaccine is given to children.
  • DT vaccine: This vaccine includes vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus, and it is also given to children.
  • Td vaccine: It includes vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria, but this vaccine is given to adolescents and adults.
  • Tdap vaccine: It includes vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough, and is given to adolescents and adults. It is worth noting that this vaccine containing whooping cough must be given to people exposed to handling infants.

How to give tetanus vaccine

The tetanus vaccine is given depending on the age of the individual as follows: [4]

  • For infants and children: This category is given the DTaP vaccine, and the vaccine is given in five doses; As for the first dose, it is given when the infant reaches two months of age, and the second dose is given when the infant reaches four months of age, and the third dose is given when he reaches six months of age, and the fourth dose is given in the extended age period between 15 and 18 months, and the fifth and final dose is given in the extended period Between four and six years, and it should be noted that if the child is unable to tolerate the whooping cough vaccine; Then he is given a DT vaccine.
  • Adolescents and adults : adolescents and adults are given tetanus vaccine in the form of the Tdap vaccine, and if the Tdap vaccine is not available; It is recommended to give the Td vaccine and then give the Tdap vaccine when available, and among the cases in which a tetanus vaccine is given for this category are the following: [3] [4]
    • Adults who did not take the tetanus vaccine series in infancy and childhood, and the vaccine should be given in this case in three doses over a period of seven to twelve months, and the first dose must be the Tdap vaccine, and the second and third doses are from the Td vaccine.
    • People who have recently recovered from tetanus.
    • Adolescents and adults who have not had a tetanus shot for ten years; This vaccine should be given once every ten years.
    • pregnant women; Where pregnant women must be given the tetanus vaccine every time of pregnancy, and the period from the twenty-seventh to the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy is the best period for administering the vaccine in order to achieve the arrival of the largest number of antibodies to the fetus. It should be noted that women who did not take the tetanus vaccine during their pregnancy should take the vaccine as soon as possible after birth.
    • People in the age group from 11 to 19 years, and the best time to give this vaccine is between 11 and 12 years old.

Tetanus vaccine warnings

It is forbidden to take a tetanus vaccine in cases where a person has previously been exposed, after taking a tetanus vaccine, to a severe allergic reaction , coma, or seizures , and it is worth consulting a doctor about the possibility of taking a tetanus vaccine if the patient is He suffered from some health problems after taking the vaccine. Such as neurological problems, or he had suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome, or chronic demyelinating neuropathy . Although there are some side effects of tetanus shot, However, having tetanus has many more problems and complications than the effects of the vaccine itself. [3]

Among the side effects that may result from taking a tetanus vaccine: [3]

  • Suffering from headache and body aches.
  • Pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site.
  • Fever.
  • Fatigue and general fatigue.
  • A severe allergic reaction, but this symptom is considered rare, but if it does occur, it appears within minutes of administering the vaccine, and the person with an allergic reaction shows some symptoms and signs, including:
    • Skin rash, redness and swelling of the skin.
    • Difficulty breathing or other respiratory problems.
    • Nausea and vomiting.
    • Diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
    • Dizziness, decreased blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.


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