The benefits of coarse salt for the body

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Salt is one of the essential and indispensable substances in food. Salt in general is beneficial to the body, and without salt, food is not complete. Salt contains a lot of elements and vitamins , and the most important elements it contains is iodine, which is beneficial for the bones, as well as sodium and proteins that are useful to enhance the body's immunity. There are two types of salt, which are fine salt and coarse salt, and they are both similar in composition, but fine salt has very small and soft crystals as a result of the refining processes that coarse salt has undergone, and we mention that coarse salt has many benefits for the body. [1]

The benefits of coarse salt for the body and skin

There are benefits to coarse salt for body and skin, including: [2]

  • Coarse salt is used to cleanse the skin while it is exposed to swollen wounds, it works to reduce swelling, and it is usually advised for women who have given birth to a newborn to wash with water and salt until the birth wound heals and it is not recommended to insert it inside the vagina.
  • Coarse salt is added to hot bathing water so that it relaxes muscles, which ensures vital energy to carry out physical activities, as well as softens and moisturizes the skin , and gets rid of dead skin cells, and the coarse salt contains magnesium and solvate elements when the salt dissolves in the water and is absorbed by the skin where it is stored These elements in the body, which enhance the bone structure, and therefore it is recommended to take a hot bath dissolved in coarse salt for fifteen minutes every three times a week.
  • One of the benefits of coarse salt is that it works as a cleanser for the skin. When massaging the body with coarse salt and olive oil, it removes dead cells or dead skin and thus smooths the skin, and removes the hairs formed under the skin when massaged well, unlike hair growth, and this massage works to lighten the skin color, which increases From the whites of the skin, it is recommended to massage the black areas in the elbows, heels and the sensitive area with coarse salt to lighten and ensure the beauty of those areas.
  • Coarse salt is used to whiten teeth and clean the gums and mouth from germs and bacteria.

How to use coarse salt

There are uses for coarse salt which are: [3]

  • To scrub the face, we bring a cloth dampened with water and dip it with coarse salt and massage the face, this will stimulate blood circulation in the blood and maintain the freshness of the facial skin when getting rid of the impurities in the pores, and in the same way, rub the heels, knees and elbows areas for more smoothness to these areas.
  • Dissolve a tablespoon of coarse salt with a cup of warm water and rinse it to get rid of the smell of the mouth, and with the brush it is moistened with water, then dipped in salt and the teeth are brushed with it until we get a bright white.
  • Soak the feet with warm water and coarse salt to get rid of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Rub the hair with it after grinding it finely to get rid of dandruff, and then wash it with shampoo.
  • After the process of removing hair from the body, the areas are rubbed with water and salt and kept on the skin for twenty minutes, and this method is to stop hair growth gradually.


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