The enemy bra is health

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Friday, February 4, 2022 3:00 PM


The bra is one of the pieces of women's underwear, and it helps to show the chest in a harmonious way, and it is also used to tighten the chest and prevent its sagging, and there are many types of them that are suitable for special occasions, or going to work, and we mention them: silicone, silver, and transparent, but in some Sometimes they are dangerous to health, and this is what we will detail in this article.

The enemy bra is health

Damages the bra to health

  • Circulatory disorders in the body: Wearing a bra, especially during sleep, leads to shrinking the chest muscles, and leads to poor blood flow in the body, and thus nerve diseases.
  • The emergence of sensitivity and irritation of the skin, especially in the summer.
  • Difficulty sleeping, i.e. insomnia: Wearing a bra during the night leads to difficulty sleeping, especially if it is tight, so doctors advise that it should be removed before going to sleep.
  • Infection with breast fungi: Wearing a bra during sleep leads to infection with breast fungi, and the reason is that sleeping in a warm environment leads to the gathering of fungi and microbes on the breast.
  • A blockage in the skin, the cause of which is the retention of fluid under the skin, and it also leads to a blockage in the lymph nodes.
  • The possibility of cancer, as recent studies indicated that wearing a bra at night leads to cancer, especially if it is tight.
  • Severe pain in the shoulder.
  • The possibility of developing tension and headaches, especially if the bra is tight.
  • Impact on the vertebrae of the spine, as it may cause severe pain in the bones.
  • Breast fatigue and fatigue, especially if the bra is tight, it negatively affects the production of melatonin in the body.
  • Change in skin color; Because they contain wires and tapes, which directly affect the skin.
  • Breast appearance is larger than its normal size.
  • The appearance of bumps and bumps in the back.
  • Causing skin infections, especially for women who are overweight.
  • The possibility of pain in the irritable bowel.
  • Pressure on the lymph nodes, especially when wearing tight bras for long periods of time.

How to choose a good bra

  • Choosing the appropriate bra for the situation, for example, a bra for a pregnant woman is different from a breastfeeding one.
  • Choosing the appropriate bra for clothes, for example, there is a bra that has a V-shaped shape, while some others have a thin shape.
  • Avoid buying narrow bras, and replace them with wide ones.
  • Choose a bra that is comfortable on the chest and on the shoulders.
  • Not to buy cheap bras.
  • Not wearing it for two consecutive days; Because it enlarges and shows badly the breast.
  • Not to buy bras that cause breast pain.
  • Buy bras that tighten the breast.