The latest findings of medicine

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Friday, February 11, 2022 6:00 PM


Medicine science is one of the sciences specialized in treating diseases and epidemics that afflict both humans and animals, and it can be considered one of the oldest sciences as a whole, as it was initially associated with works of sorcery and witchcraft, then it has now become one of the most advanced fields, as it was divided into many sections such as: Dermatology And reproductive, internal, cardiac, ear, nose, throat, etc., and there are many recent research and studies that are specialized in treating many diseases, and this is what we will mention in this article.

The latest findings of medicine in the treatment of diabetes

  • Live microbial drugs: or as they are called in English probiotics , many studies and research have been conducted on these drugs, which have proven to be very effective in reducing the level of glucose in the blood and pancreas, while some doctors said that it can be relied upon completely, while other doctors said that it It can be used in conjunction with other medications and treatments.
  • The Mexican vaccine: The Mexican vaccine appeared in late 2016, which was invented by Jorge Gonzalez, which in turn draws a certain percentage of patients, then injects them in saline, and then puts them at a temperature of up to five degrees Celsius, and it can be considered one of the most The treatments were successful, as it protected patients from many side effects of diabetes, including: clogged arteries, vision loss, and kidney failure.

The latest findings of medicine in treating cancer

  • Cyborg: Cyborg is one of the imaginary organisms that consists of biomechanical and organic components, which is an abbreviation of the word cybernetic organism, which means cybernetic organism , and this treatment is used to target malignant cancer cells, kill them and get rid of them, thus preventing the spread of cancer in the rest of the body.
  • Nanoparticles: Russian researchers have conducted many research and studies on cancer patients, and they have found a nanoparticle treatment, which releases nucleic acid electrons, which kill cancer cells in the body, and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

The latest findings of medicine in treating vitiligo

  • Genetic modification: Genetic modification is one of the modern treatments that are used in the treatment of Vitiligo, as it improves skin pigmentation and restores its natural color, and this research was conducted on mice and it succeeded with great success, so doctors began to experiment with this protein in humans.
  • Psoralen drugs: Giving patients drugs that contain psoralen, which restores the normal color of the skin. This condition is used if vitiligo is not treated by conventional methods.

The latest findings of medicine in the treatment of obesity

  • Brain injection: Many researchers at the University of Oregon and Florida conducted experiments on mice, as they injected their brain with the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite and burns body fat, and the results showed that mice lost 5% of their weight, and studies indicated that this treatment It is used once for life, and is not suitable for those with weak hearts.
  • Stretching operations: This method is used in the event that traditional methods have not succeeded in losing weight, and through which doctors remove part of the stomach, then put an elastic band in it.