The most beautiful makeup

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The most beautiful make-up

The beauty of makeup is not limited to celebrities, and the secret is not that cosmetics are expensive, or techniques that few people master, so the most beautiful makeup can be applied at home, and depends on maintaining healthy skin , using appropriate products, and using the appropriate foundation. This article will mention the methods and methods for the most beautiful makeup. [1]

How to put the most beautiful make-up

Make-up is not a face mask, but rather a creative art, and an extension of the expression of personality, and there are simple methods that can make a big difference in the final shape of makeup, and the most beautiful make-up can be applied, by following the following steps: [2]

Preparing skin for make-up

This step is very important, and it facilitates the process of applying makeup, and saves time and effort from adjustments after applying make-up, and the equipment in order, are: [2]

  • Clean face with face wash suitable for skin type; To remove grease and dirt.
  • Use a toner after cleaning the face, by applying it to a cotton pad, and applying it to the face and neck; Because it balances the pH level in the skin and tightens the pores.
  • Moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer suitable for skin type, and this is an important step in the makeup application process; Because moisturizer makes the skin soft, and ready for makeup.
  • Apply sunblock; To protect the skin from the signs of aging and excessive pigmentation.

How to put the most beautiful make-up

After preparing the skin for makeup, this method can be followed to apply the most beautiful make-up, and the method is: [2]

  • the required materials:
    • Primer.
    • Foundation, and a shade is chosen that matches the skin tone of the chest.
    • Liquid concealer; For light coverage, and for large areas of the face such as under the eyes, and the pressure from it or the pencil for small areas.
    • Blush, or bronzer.
    • powder.
    • Eye shadow, neutral color is preferred.
    • Eye liner, kohl.
    • mascara.
    • Lipstick, or lip gloss.
  • Application method:
  • Flawless Foundation Application Step:
    • Start applying a primer, or so-called primer.
    • Then apply the foundation, by applying a little bit of it on the hand, and using a brush or sponge to apply it to the face, the jawline, and the neck. A concealer brush can be used; To cover stubborn imperfections.
    • Then apply concealer, or the so-called concealer; Covering blemishes, spots and dark circles . It is recommended to use a slightly lighter shade than the natural skin color , and with a concealer brush, apply the concealer under the eyes, in the form of an inverted triangle, dip a little concealer on the spots and other imperfections, and the edges are mixed well so that they blend in smoothly.
    • This step is optional, and it is intended for oily skin, which is the use of compacted powder to a suitable degree for the skin tone, and the application of powder on the face using Puff brushes, and evenly distributed on the face and neck.
  • Facial Contour Improvement Step:
    • Start with eye makeup, using kohl , and draw a line on the upper waterline of the eye, and on the lower outer corner of the eye, taking care to avoid harsh lines, by smudging the kohl with a blending brush.
    • Then curl the eyelashes using an eyelash curler , and apply mascara.
    • After that, eyeshadow can be applied in a neutral color.
    • To define the appearance of the eyebrows , use a pen or a product that matches the eyebrow, make short strokes in the blanks, then use the brush to blend what has been applied to the eyebrow. To mix it with the eyebrow evenly, then use the eyebrow gel to stabilize the eyebrow, and this step must be skipped in the eyebrows that do not have dark spaces naturally.
    • And now blush can be started; For a refreshed and healthy look, use a blush brush, and apply it to the apple of the cheek, while refraining from blending.
    • Then apply lighting powder under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, and on the bridge of the nose.
    • To apply lipstick, you must start by applying a moisturizer to the lips, choosing a lipstick that suits the color of the skin, and for heavy coverage, lipstick is used, and for full coverage, a liquid lipstick or lip gloss is used.

Tips for flawless makeup

There are several tips for getting flawless makeup, including: [3]

  • Applying skin masks suitable for combination skin , such as the egg white mask on the areas that are dry and prone to acne, and a mud-based mask on oily areas of the skin, such as the seborrheic T-zone.
  • To obtain a flawless foundation, you must know the type of skin, by looking at the veins on the wrist, and if the veins are green in color, then this means that the skin type is warm, and the foundation fits with the apricot colors, and if the veins are blue, this means that the skin type is cold Yellow color foundation matches it, making the foundation blurred easily compared to the neck.
  • Nourishing facial skin by using serums and oils instead of moisturizers to moisturize the skin, and increase collagen production; Because washing the face and make-up can strip the face of the nutrients, so you can apply flawless makeup; Because the skin underneath is healthy.
  • Use a foundation brush to distribute the foundation, being sure to mix it well, with small circular motions, then use the damp sponge with water; So that the foundation looks smooth, without clumps.
  • Using gel blush instead of powder; Because it gives the face the most fresh and radiant look.
  • Use makeup fixing spray. To maintain the shape of make-up, to give the face a dewy, healthy, radiant look, in addition to freshness.
  • Practice makes make- up perfect over time, free of defects, and these tips work with daily make-up, in which a BB cream is used, or with makeup for the evening, taking into account attention to details by blending edges, and adjusting make-up.


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