Treating plague

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Anyone who suspects that the doctor suffers from plague must be placed in an isolation room for at least two days after starting treatment with antibiotics, in order to prevent the spread of the disease to other people in the event that the plague infects our patient with acute pneumonia.

And the drug that is chosen to treat bubonic plague is streptomycin, where the patient is given 30 mg per kilogram during the day by intramuscular injection, and the treatment continues for 10 days, but streptomycin is not suitable for treating toxic plague, and it is also not suitable for treating inflammation of the membranes of the brain due to lack of Penetration into the central nervous system.

In the case of toxic plague or inflammation of the brain membranes, the patient is given chloramphenicol, and the dose is 60-100 milligrams per kilogram during one day, and it is very effective, as for penicillin, it is not useful at all in treating any type of disease.

As for the patient's relatives and hospital workers, their disease is guarded, by giving them Tetracycline or Doxycycline for a period of seven days, and in cases of mild bubonic plague in which there are no complications, this precaution is not needed.

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Summary of the disease

The plague disease is a disease caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria , and it is transmitted from animals that carry these bacteria, such as mice, cats, and dogs , and from flies as well, and it is divided into three types, the most important and most common of which is the bubonic plague that affects the lymph nodes, the least widespread and the most deadly of bubonic plague, and both types lead to The third type, which is toxic plague, occurs when bacteria spread in the blood. Its treatment is focused on antibiotics. As for prevention, it is done by avoiding flies and animals that carry the disease.


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