Treatment of sexual apathy with herbs

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Sexual apathy

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as the integrity of the body, emotion, mind, and emotional communication, with regard to sexual life, and not just the absence of disease, dysfunction or impotence, and sexual apathy is defined as the lack of sexual desire for reasons Different. [1] It should be noted that impotence is not considered a problem unless it is bothering the person, and if it does not bother him then there is no need for treatment, in addition to that there are multiple options for treating sexual apathy and impotence and a doctor must be consulted to diagnose the condition and choose the appropriate treatment methods. [2]

Treatment for sexual apathy with herbs

It should be noted that to some extent there is no scientific evidence to claim that the herbal remedy treats sexual dysfunction, and it is worth noting that the supplements have not been tested for safety as the safety of the supplement has not been proven in general in pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children with Of medical diseases, or those who take medicine, where a doctor should be consulted in the event that a supplement or any other form of alternative medicine is used to treat impotence. The following is an indication of the herbs and compounds that are alleged to treat sexual apathy in men and women: [3] [4 ] ]

  • Ginkgo biloba : , a herb that has been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine recipes, in the treatment of respiratory disorders, cognitive impairment, and circulatory disorders, and in North America it is commonly used as a form of alternative medicine, for jobs Cognitive and memory, and it should be noted that studies have not yet confirmed the effectiveness of bivalve ginkgo biloba in sexual dysfunctions caused by taking antidepressants .
  • Damiana: , a herb traditionally used by the Maya people in Central America, to enhance sexual function in men and women, as it has been noted to increase sexual arousal, as it is a mood enhancer, and a stimulant, and it should be noted that the use of Damiana as a stimulant Sexual is somewhat controversial, as there is no scientific evidence that it is effective, yet it has been widely promoted as a sexual stimulant.
  • Yohimbine: , historically the bark of the herb yohimbine was used as a folk remedy for impotence , as yohimbine is the active ingredient in the bark, and it is worth noting that there are no studies proving the effectiveness of yohimbine in treating dysfunction in women, quite on the contrary, so specialists advise not to use Yohimbine due to the serious health risks it causes.
  • Other herbs: such as Tribulus and Maca , which are claimed to treat sexual apathy, but they still need more research to prove their effectiveness. [5] [6]
  • Natural food supplements: including; [3]
    • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced naturally by the adrenal gland and converted into hormones such as estrogen and testosterone , where their levels drop dramatically. Normal with age, and in the case of adrenal insufficiency, as both conditions are associated with a decrease in sexual desire, which prompted researchers to study the effect of dietary supplements from DHEA on enhancing sexual desire, and studies have shown that dietary supplements from DHEA Androsterone has increased sexual desire and sexual satisfaction in women age 70 and over, and more research is needed to study its effect on women at younger ages.
    • L-Arginine: It is an amino acid that has many functions in the body, as the body needs it to form nitric oxide, a compound that helps relax blood vessels and allows blood to flow through the arteries.

Treating sexual apathy with lifestyle changes

Here are a variety of things that you can do in daily life that can help boost sexual desire: [7] [8]
  • Following a diet: It is claimed that a healthy diet rich in fruits such as: figs, bananas, and avocados increases sexual desire, as these fruits help to increase sexual desire, and they are also known as fruits that are aphrodisiac, and may also provide important vitamins and minerals, which can It increases blood flow to the genitals and encourages a healthy sex life, in addition to eating fruits, it is good to eat chocolate as chocolate enhances the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin in the body, where they help It increases sexual arousal and raises mood, but it should be noted that there are other studies that attribute the effect of chocolate on sexual activity to it being more of a psychological effect than a biological one.
  • Avoidance of tension: It should be noted that women are particularly vulnerable to the effects that tension can have on their sexual life, and on the other hand, men may resort to sexual relations sometimes to relieve their tension, and therefore differences may arise in the sexual relationship due to tension, so it must be eliminated From stress , get away from it.
  • Sleep: The sleep factor affects sexual desire, as one of the reasons is that the internal clock of the body controlled by secreting hormones may help sleep patterns also the body to determine the date of release of hormones certain related sexual activity for both men and women, addition, studies have shown, For men, getting enough sleep can boost testosterone levels, as testosterone levels in the body are linked to sexual activity.
  • Exercising: Exercising helps increase blood flow to the genitals, thus increasing sexual activity.
  • The practice of conscious meditation and yoga: People may be distracted by random thoughts, at the time before orgasm, leading to an imbalance in the sexual process. With happiness in people, as research has shown that the practice of conscious meditation enhanced the sexual response, in women who suffer from sexual dysfunction related to anxiety, and likewise, practicing yoga for the mind and body can help increase sexual desire, as studies have shown that women after practicing yoga It increased their feelings of sexual desire, general satisfaction, decreased pain, and others.


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