Types of hairdos

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Hairstyles differ in their types, some are simple and fast, some are complex in their design, and the hairstyle - so that it looks appropriate and beautiful - depends on the type of hair texture and its density. The article will mention the types of hairstyles, in addition to the hairdos that are suitable for the different types of hair textures. [1] [2]

Types of hairdos

Hairstyles are divided into different types, namely: [1]

  • Hairstyle corrugated: So lay off her hair corrugated her hair Mnsdla, it has to do some tricks, the way is: [1]
    • Needed materials: hair gel or mousse.
    • Dressing method:
      • Before the hair dries after washing it, turn it over from top to bottom.
      • Then apply a gel, or ripple mousse, by pressing it gently with fingers; To form the ripples.
  • Straight hair hairstyle: This is one of the ways that a person with straight hair can drop her hair, and the method is: [1]
    • Needed materials: Anti-frizz serum, or smoothing cream.
    • Styling method: Apply anti- wrinkle , then detangle the hair using fingers.
  • Long hair hairstyle: Long hair can get steady waves, using a salt solution spray, by spraying it on wet hair. [1]
  • Ponytail hairstyle: The ponytail hairstyle is simple hairdos, suitable for all types of clothes, including: [1]
    • The top ponytail hairstyle: This hairdo is simple, and its method is: [1]
      • Needed materials: hair clips (optional), and a hair tie.
      • The hairdo method: The hair is gathered at the top behind the head, and tied using a hair tie in the form of a tail.
    • Side ponytail hairstyle: This is another way to do a ponytail, and the method is: [1]
      • Required materials: a rubber band for hair.
      • Dressing method:
        • The hair is gathered down to the side, falling across the shoulder.
        • It is tied using a hair tie, and a small strand of hair is taken, and it is wrapped over the hair tie; To cover it, and press the end of the tuft after wrapping it inside the tie.
  • Cake hairstyle: The cake hairstyle is a simple hairstyle, and it can be done in several ways, including the quick cake, the messy cake, and the method is: [1]
    • Needed materials: hair clips and hair ties.
    • Dressing method:
      • For a quick bun, the hair is tied in a ponytail, then the hair is wrapped at the base of the hair around the hair tie. After that, it is fixed with clips.
      • For a messy bun, comb the hair with fingers, then roll, and secure using a hair tie, or hair clips.
  • The braid hairstyle: The braid is a simple hairdo , and it can be done in several forms, such as the regular strand, which is done by dividing the hair into three sections, then making intersections, until reaching the end of the hair, and the hair can be combed with the French pigtail, the fishtail, or the strand Dutch. [1]
  • Half raised hairstyle: This hairstyle is beautiful and suitable for all types of hair, and it is by lifting half of the upper hair, and the other half down, and it can be styled by following many methods, for example the hair can be made straight in the upper tied part, and the rest of the hair at the bottom is wavy, or work An elegant roll of hair hanging from the hair tie in the upper half. [3]

Hairstyles with hair styling tools

These hairstyles depend on hairdressing tools, such as a hair dryer, a hair iron, and a hair wave tool, to create different hairstyles, including: [1]

  • Straight hair: For styling straight hair, hair protection products must be applied from heat, and a flat iron made of ceramic or tourmaline must be used, with a temperature not exceeding 350 degrees, but much less than that for light hair, and the method is: [1]
    • the required materials:
      • Product to protect hair from heat.
      • Flat iron.
    • Dressing method:
      • The hair iron should be used on completely dry hair; In order not to cause damage to the hair.
      • Starting with dividing the hair, and using the iron on the strands from the back of the head, from the inner to the outer strands, and from the roots to the ends, by placing small strands each time you pass the iron over the hair.
  • Corrugated hair: Beautiful waves can be made using a hair ripple iron, and the shape of the corrugation resulting from the size of the iron cylinder depends, as it is possible to obtain a large and loose wave using a one-inch cylinder, or a taut wave using an iron with a cylinder less than the previous size, and the corrugations are made by The method of dividing the hair, and the number of sections depends on the size of the hair, so the thicker the hair, the more numerous sections. [1]

Hairstyles suitable for hair texture type

Hair tissue is divided into several types , and each type has a suitable hairdo, as follows: [2]

  • Thin hair: Light hair usually lacks a vital appearance, so some methods can be followed to style it in a beautiful way, including: [2]
    • Short cuts for this type of hair or medium length, with more appropriate layers; Because it adds volume to it.
    • Use a round brush to comb the roots.
    • Using voluminizing products, to add bulk to it.
    • Stay away from long hairstyles. Because it makes him look more gentle.
    • Make strands of different shades of color; To make hair look thicker.
    • Making bangs, or making loose braids, in case long hair is desired.
  • Medium density hair : medium density hair goes well with all hairstyles. [2]
  • Thick hair: This type of hair is difficult to manage. Because it tends to cover the face, and some tips can be followed to get the appropriate hairdo, including:
    • Cutting hair cuts that reduce its density, by adopting geometric hair styles, and layers; To add movement.
    • Combing hair with a hair straightener when it is long.
    • Stay away from a straight bob hairstyle.
    • Long hair with layers is one of the best hairdos for this type of hair.
  • Curly hair: hair curly beautiful hair, but it is difficult to discharge, and can follow several tips to get the proper hairstyle, including: [2]
    • The ideal hairdo for wavy hair is one that shows the waves naturally.
    • The hairstyle can be tried short, or medium length to the shoulders.
    • Make a mask that restores hair every three days, and use mousse to style the hair.
    • Avoid gel and tightening strands when styling hair; Because that causes him to fall out.


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