Unify facial skin color

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The skin has the ability to revive new cells and recycle them, as about 40,000 cells of the skin die every minute, which number about 300 million cells, and replace them with new cells, so the skin works to renew cells once a week, and to help the skin to do this process can use peeling Skin, as peeling removes dead skin layers so that new cells can replace them, so it is best to exfoliate the skin twice a week to speed up this process. [1]


Moisturizing is used to get rid of dead skin cells, as moisturizing works to clean the skin of these cells that stick to the skin, and cause it roughness and a difference in its color , and the moisturizing process itself is not considered a process to unify the skin, but rather an auxiliary process in that, which is an important step Before applying cosmetics, moisturizing makes the skin smoother . [1]


Cooling is the process of calming the skin by using a face spray, applying a cloth moistened with cold water to the face, or applying a cooling mask, all of which are foolproof ways to remove redness from the face, and face mists and masks can be made from ingredients that help relieve redness and inflammation and restore the skin to normal. [2]

Putting on makeup

  • Concealer: The primary goal of concealers is to hide dark circles under the eyes, and to make it more effective, you must choose a concealer suitable for the skin, mix it and distribute it well on the skin until it gives it a uniform color. [2]
  • Creams: Creams are considered lighter than the foundation cream, and they often contain vitamins, nutrients, moisturizers, and sun protection, and are very useful for the skin, especially in the summer, as they are light on the skin and give it a uniform color. [2]

Natural recipes to unify skin color

Lemon juice

Lemon is one of the citrus fruits, as it maintains the pH of the skin when applied to it, and the citric acid in lemons is a natural way to lighten and unify the skin, and lemon juice is used by applying it directly to the skin and leaving it for a period of time, then wash the skin well, and pay attention to not getting out To the sun in the presence of lemon juice on the skin; That works to damage the skin. [3]


Oatmeal is a natural way to even out skin tone. Because it can replace peeling agents, which would remove dirt and bruises on the skin to obtain a uniform complexion, and to use it in exfoliating the skin, mix oatmeal with a little honey until it becomes like a paste, then it is applied to the skin for a few minutes and rubbed with the fingers of the hand, then washed Skin well, and apply sun protection cream. [3]


Enjoy the honey characteristics of antibacterial and works to hydrate the skin and prevents dryness, Fjvav skin leads to skin damage and lack of uniformity in color, while the antimicrobial . It protects the skin from the grain and Altshahuat caused by scarring and grain. [3]

the milk

Milk is one of the best ways to naturally soften and lighten the skin, thus obtaining a uniform complexion. Milk helps to produce melanin to lighten the skin, which reduces the appearance of dark deformities and scars, and also works to smoothen the skin, especially for skin that suffers from dry skin and peeling. [3]


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